Sunday, November 30, 2014

c in november

This has been a much calmer month and we are back to our routines again, which is really nice.  I am a routine person and feel better when we have consistency in our life.  I think that it is good for C too as then he knows what is going on.  Don't worry though...when fun things happen, we are totally flexible and happy to adjust our routine. HA!

So the weather is getting cooler and we are enjoying the change.  This month C was able to experience only a small part of Loy Krathong by letting off some Khom Loys at home.  However Matt and I were able to go out and enjoy one of the parades in town with friends.  It was fun to be out with people! We are so thankful for my mom who helped watch over C.  Yay for fun without the kid! Haha!

After Thanksgiving (how do I have no pictures of that?!?), we put up our tree.  I gave C the small one from our previous home and he was able to go to town on it.  C totally enjoyed putting up his ornaments and rearranged them a lot of times.  I definitely think this is going to be a tradition we maintain so that he has control over his tree and will hopefully leave the family tree alone! Is that wishful thinking?!


Sleeping so peacefully....

Letting off a Khom Loy (lantern) at home...

Happy Loy Krathong!
This is from a parade in town one night...

Sticker fun!

Getting his coloring on!

Enjoying his first Christmas was a hit!

Decorating his own special tree...


...All About C...
C has had a terrific month with lots of new firsts.  He is growing and changing so much! He is doing more on his own and definitely has an opinion on things.  Ha!

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