Monday, March 10, 2014

c's 62nd week

It was a sad day when C's Grandpa Richard left to go back home to Canada.  Luckily for C, his Grandma Jacquie came back for another visit! Like I said last week, C is one lucky little dude to have so many grandparents around ready to dote on him.

Living overseas isn't always easy and the worse part of it is being away from family and friends (and Target).  We are so blessed though as Matt's parents do make an effort to come out to visit us every single year.  They come for at least a month, which means we get a lot of time together.  I appreciate this so much more now that C is around as I do want him to have fond memories of his grandparents.  It makes the distance easier to handle knowing that we'll get quality time with them both at some point in the year.

The good thing about this year though is that we are heading back to North America for 6 weeks and will get to see everyone again! Get ready Canada and California...we are heading your way this summer! Yeah!

March 4 - March 10

3 generations!

...All About C...
C is talking lots these days.  He of course babbles non stop, but seems to slowly be beginning to make some sense and repeat certain sounds for different things.  C has got his third word down and it is Thai! He can now say 'nam,' which is the Thai word for water.  It is really quite fabulous hearing him use proper words.  What's even better though is being able to understand some of his needs rather than guessing on everything.

Even though he is only on real word number 3, C does seem to understand a lot more now.  He understands when we say that we are going to Apo's house as he quickly runs to the door ready to leave our house.  He also now understands what we mean when we say to put things in specific spaces, although he doesn't always listen.  He C can of course understand when we tell him to give kisses, hugs, wave bye-bye, give hi-fives, and blow kisses.  It is really amazing just how quickly he is learning and remembering things.  This is a great reminder to me as it is easy to forget how observant he is.  I need to set a good example as odds are he will mimic my words and my actions someday and I definitely don't want it to be all of the bad stuff!

Another fun thing C has begun to do is tip toe.  It is the most adorable thing ever! He can also now reach up high onto table tops and loves to grab at anything in reach.  I forget this a lot and am always leaving things too close to the edge.  Luckily C's not grabbed anything dangerous or important yet, so hopefully I'll remember sooner rather than later.  A final exciting moment for the week is that C must have had itchy teeth as he bit his swimming pool and popped the top ring! What a silly'd think we didn't feed him enough! :) 

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  1. It definitely is a treat every time the grandparents visit --especially when they come from overseas. We feel the same way and the kids always look forward to those visits.

  2. C is a treasure as you are for him ~ Another 'little miracle' ~ xoxo

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  3. Lovely foto three générations
    Greeting from Belgium
    Happy Day and weekend!
    ✿ܓ✿ ♥ ✿ܓ✿

  4. He is so cute! It is hard to have to say goodbye to family like this on the regular. How wonderful that your family makes the effort to visit and stay. Ours did as well, and it made such a huge difference for the kids. Hope you enjoy your summer of travels. That is also refreshing to gear up for the year ahead. Thank you for joining us today at LTT!

  5. Being blessed to have my daughter and her family living only a half mile away, I cannot imagine what it would be like to live half a world away from them. Hardly a day goes by that I don't see my 6-year old granddaughter, she is part of the fabric of our lives. Enjoy your stateside visit! I'm sure it will go by all too fast!


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