Monday, March 3, 2014

c's 61st week

The big news this week is that C's Grandpa Richard's visit has come to an end.  It has been so nice having him around for such a long time as C's developed a wonderful relationship with his Grandpa.  He enjoys spending time with him and is super comfortable with him, which is just lovely to see.  What a lucky kid to get to see so much of all of his grandparents!

February 25 - March 3

Love C's curls!

Shadow play!

C loves to help sweep up!
Saying good-bye to C's Grandpa Richard.

What a goofball!

...All About C...
C's been having some highs and lows...all related to sleep of course.  The poor boy has got 2 new teeth and is now at 10 teeth! After seeing his teeth come out, I now understand why the kid has been so fussy.  These new teeth are in the back and they are absolutely HUGE.  Seriously...So. Big.  Ouch!

Thanks to all of the teething though, C's had a few rough nights with lots of wake ups and restlessness. A positive is that C has been going to bed awake this past week, which has been helpful.  It's nice to know that he does have self-soothing skills and is capable of sleeping without being attached to me.  Also we did have one night where C slept through the night.  Wohoo! One day we will get there consistently, right??

On a positive, C just LOVES reading.  He often will go through his basket of books and look at the books repeatedly.  There are times when he'll sit and look at his books by himself, which is super cute to see.  Then there are times when he'll bring book after book to either of us and have us read his books to him.  Sometimes he's happy with just one reading, but there are other times when he'll take the book back and forth between us and have us read his book to him many times.  Some of C's favorite books are written by Sandra Boynton and David Shannon and luckily we aren't sick of too many of them...yet!

One thing C definitely got from me is his super social personality.  He loves, LOVES other people and is generally not afraid of strangers.  This is great as people are ALWAYS stopping to check him out and take photos OF him and WITH him.  It's gotten to the point where we've joked about charging people as we could probably make a decent nest egg for C someday! HA! C can wave hello and bye-bye, he gives kisses and blows kisses, he gives the BEST hugs, he wais (Thai greeting), and still likes to do high-fives.  Usually he'll "perform" and do many of these for the people we come across and I gotta say, I get so proud of my baby boy when he does!  Love him and his friendliness!

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  1. Good to see you back! Love these shadow images! They are adorable. And look at those little curls forming in the back! Sniff! He is growing up!


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