Monday, February 24, 2014

c's 60th week

We finally did something different this week and did something touristy for Matt's dad as his time with us is almost over.  We headed out to the Ratchaphruek Garden, which is this massive park filled with tons of beautiful flowers.  We made a day of it and headed out to lunch at a cool restaurant called Nics near the park.  The food was great and Chris had a chance to play on the swings of one of the coolest playgrounds in town.  Then we headed over to the park to get our flower gazing on! Thankfully there were these hop-on hop-off trams and we totally took advantage of it as the place is huge and it was HOT.  It was a lovely afternoon!

February 18 - February 24

C hanging with the flowers!

Don't mind the bruise on his cheeks...this boy never slows down!


What the whole structure looks like.

Family pictures!

A BIG happy birthday to C's Grandpa Bobby who was away on his 60th birthday!

...All About C...
So C has been having one major clumsy week.  He has had a split lip, scraped knees, and has banged his face on the ground.  OUCH! As he gets better at walking, I'm hoping that these falls will be less.  However, I do realize that this all goes hand in hand with C's need to move around independently, so we are good.  Just gotta remind C to get up, brush it off, and keep on going! The only bad thing is that every time we are out, strangers definitely comment on his various owies and I have to admit that it does make me feel like I'm a negligent parent for just a brief moment...and then I get over it. HA!

Our poor kid has been having some major teething issues this week.  When will it stop?!? We've had to use tylenol for a couple of nights to help him sleep better, which we try not to give C too often as I would hate to be overmedicating him.  Thankfully his teeth only seem to bother him at night as he is still his regular happy camper throughout the day.

A highlight this week is that C can now drink with a straw! We've been trying to get him to do this for a while now and he just didn't seem get the hang of it.  Then suddenly he did! YEAH C! It is just remarkable how quickly he is growing up people.

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  1. Beautiful golden tower and that entrance is lovely too.

  2. What a great place to spend the day! Your little boy is adorable.

  3. Such a sweet little boy you have :). the garden looks amazing. I remember when my daughter was at C's age we always worried that she was going to have sore back because she was falling so often. that phase goes away.


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