Monday, February 17, 2014

c's 59th week

Shortly after having C, people began asking us about when we'd be having our second child.  Is that really something you ask a family with a newborn?!? Better yet, is that really something a woman who just gave birth naturally wants to think about yet?? Honestly.  Luckily I wasn't super sensitive and easily answered that another baby would not even be considered until after C's first birthday.  That has tied us over, but now that C's first birthday has come and gone, the questions have been coming up a lot more frequently.  

I actually don't mind that people ask about it as it is something we've talked about and not a super sensitive issue for us.  The thing that does take me aback are the comments about how we should "get to it" and "go make a baby" and "you aren't getting any younger."  Really people? I'm pretty sure baby making should be a private discussion concerning only the husband and wife involved.  Just sayin'.

But since I've brought it up now, I might as well share some of my thoughts on it.  Of course there is all of the usual stuff that comes up when thinking about having a baby that we've been talking through, like can we afford another kid or not.  Also the age gap between C and a sibling is definitely something lots of people have brought up to us.  Then there's the maternity leave situation as I have now been spoiled and definitely want to have the same amount of time home with baby number two as I had with C.  Finally there is the wonder of whether or not we'll have the energy for another baby as we now know just how much work they can be (and as it was pointed out, we aren't getting any younger)!

One of the biggest things for me though is the fact that this could very well be the last time I'll have the privilege of being pregnant ever again.  This is a big deal, like a REALLY BIG DEAL.  Matt has reminded me of the fact that I didn't enjoy being pregnant the whole time and that I was so sick for so long, but it appears as though I seem to only recall the good stuff now.  I obviously remember being sick, but after that passed, I so enjoyed having my belly get big and round with C growing in me.  I could finally eat everything I wanted and didn't have to suck in my stomach after every meal! What's not to love about that?!? Seriously though, the thought of this second baby being our LAST is so sad and so final, that it sure does make this decision a hard one for me.  

And no, I am not pregnant! :) 

February 11 - February 17

Bath time fun!

C enjoying an outdoor bath!

Yeah, APO!

Bucket of fun!

Splish, splash, I'm taking a bath!

...All About C...
C is on the mend this week and is finally getting rid of his cold.  He was on medication for a while and I guess it must have worked.  HA! Something I so appreciate about C is how easy it is to feed him his medication.  There are of course the times when he is super cranky and will fight and try to spit the medication out, but more often then not, he just drinks it up peacefully.  Hopefully he'll stay healthy for a long while now as I definitely prefer a healthy baby to a sick one.

Things are also getting warmer these days, so C's been enjoying an earlier bath time outdoors! He LOVES having his bath and basically cries every single time we have to get him out of his tub.  C is very adventurous when it comes to water and doesn't mind splashing himself or those nearby.  He loves playing with his stacking cups in the water and will fill the cups with water or throw water around.  He enjoys it all so much that he'll even get water all over his face and just continue on like nothing has happened! We are thrilled that C doesn't seem to be afraid of the water and cannot wait to get him back into a pool as it gets hotter out here.

The highlight of the week though has been having C's Grandpa Richard here for a visit.  That's right, we've got ourselves another visitor! YEAH! He is going to be here for a month, so it will be some wonderful bonding time.  C already has taken to his grandpa and is loving all of the additional attention (as if he wasn't getting enough already).  

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  1. It is so weird how people feel the need to pry into very personal matters. I was never sensitive about those things either, thankfully. For me, having all my kids in Thailand, I had to learn to go with the flow a lot. Most people would say upon my second pregnancy that if it were a boy, I could be done because I one of each gender. Or anytime we were out and about, I would get the "so you must be done having kids" comment. Obviously, we had a 3rd and blew that out of the water. I really didn't mind because I thought they were just being interested, but I have noticed that American women are much more offended by this questioning. Rightly so, but being in Thailand I just didn't feel bothered.

  2. Hard decisions! There are exactly three years (and nine days) between our two, and that wad perfect for us, but so much busier than I could have imagined! I always thought we'd have at least three, but now I'm beginning to realize that two is probably our number. Still, hard to get into my head sometimes. ;-) Are we, done?! No more pregnancies? Good luck with your planning! And hey, you're still young. :-) No panic!

  3. Oh, and my mom had my little brother when she was 41. ;-) No problems.
    So don't stress yourself (not that you sound stressed).

  4. Two will be plenty to keep you busy for a very long time.

    1. You know, we thought we were finished after 2 and God surprised us with #3 seven years later, just after we cleaned out all the baby things in the attic. So, you never know.

  5. Hi!Nice captures. Your son is very cute. Thanks for sharing.


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