Monday, February 10, 2014

c's 58th week

I have a confession...I have been a slacker blogger and am WEEKS behind on all of C's weekly posts.  My lack of posting has been really bad these days (the worse it's been in a long time) and because it's been so long, I've not been motivated at all to start playing catch-up.  The ridiculous thing though is that I have all of the photos and even have notes jotted down for each week, so it shouldn't actually have been that hard to get the posts done.  However, getting the rough form into a blog worthy post has been one extra step too many for me these past couple of months.

So do I give you the basic excuse of "life has been too busy" or do I try to come up with something better? The truth of the matter is that life HAS been busy, but honestly, not so busy that I couldn't just write a quick blog post once a week.  The real reason though is that I've let myself get sucked into the whole "who really reads this blog anyways" mode and "i don't have anything cool to share" mode, which has given me the excuse I needed to not to continue posting things.  After all, it's gotten to just be about C here and there are times when it sure doesn't feel as though there is a whole lot of ME left in this blog.

Thankfully I've had time to think this through and have come to realize that this blog is for ME.  This blog is not about seeing how many people are reading what I'm writing or to get recognition on what I've shared.  This is a space for me to keep track of all the amazing things life has given me and blessed me with.  This is a space to share MY story as it happens and the way it happens, which explains why it is all about C these days as he is someone I'm totally and delightfully enamored with.  One day this space may change again and highlight some of my other loves like photography or traveling or food.  But for now, it is C's world and I am thrilled to be able to document it as I'm hoping C will someday take a look at it all and hopefully not be too embarrassed by all that his mamma has shared!

Don't think for a minute that I got this mojo back on my own though.  I have to say a MAJOR thank you to a lovely fellow blogger (shout out to Carrie who just commented on my 57th week post) for reminding me that there are others around me who are going through a similar phase in life.  Our lives may not be super exciting or exotic, but it is OUR life and boy am I happy to be living it and sharing it!

February 4 - February 10

C visiting his great grandma, his Aitai!

C saying "brrrm, brrrm" and trying to push his Aitai around.

Looking pretty sweet!

Love this profile!

...All About C...
Poor C had it rough this week and was teething again, or at least we think so.  Again, I feel as though C has been teething for forever now, but still no new teeth are coming out! Poor guy has been miserable in the evenings when there are no distractions to keep the pain at bay.  Hopefully something will happen soon as his next set of teeth will show up as we are ready to be done with teething!

C also has had a bit of a cold this week and has had a really terrible cough.  He's back on medication and hopefully he'll feel better soon.  I think we are super wary of coughs now as we definitely don't want it to be another hospital visit like his pneumonia episode.  So what might have just needed some time, ended up sending us taking a quick trip to the doctor to make sure it doesn't get worse.

To end on a fun note, C has been dancing a lot this week.  He does this adorable little stomping thing when he hears music or when we read certain books that rhyme.  It is so cute! I'm hoping he'll get my rhythm as time progresses though! :) 

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  1. As you say the blog is yours to post what you like and when you like. These photos are beautiful, just full of love and family.

  2. Is your little one started to grow some curls? How cute! Great capture of him visiting his great grandmother. What a beautiful woman. Blog for you and for your family so you all can remember and relive these sweet time in your lives. I would so much rather read a blog someone writes for themselves than for someone who is just writing to gain a following. Wouldn't you?

  3. A beautiful portrait of a beautiful lady…and your little one is adorable!

  4. Beautiful grandmother and adorable child ~ wonderful post for OWT ~ xxx

    artmusedog and carol

  5. My goodness he has grown so quickly, seems like only a few weeks ago I was coming here and he was a baby laying in his onesie


  6. Beautiful shots!

  7. I enjoy reading your blog! Not only do you have a super cute kid, but your blog allows me to see glimpses of a life I left behind in Thailand. are right, this blog is for you. You will treasure the time you took to record these fleeting days. It's hard not to get caught up in the stats sometimes, but at the end of the day, none of that will matter. Keep going. This is a gift you are giving yourself, and your family. If there are people along the way that come to share in your journey, that is just the cherry on top. We all struggle with wondering if anyone really cares, but I assure you that there are those who do!

  8. that is the cutest profile ever!

    happy wednesday~


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