Monday, March 17, 2014

c's 63rd week

I am still pretty behind on my weekly posts, but I am slowly getting caught up.  Yay! Please remind me to not be such a slacker for so long next time friends as it is hard work playing catch up.  If it weren't for the fact that I actually enjoy looking back at these old posts, this little blog here might have stopped existing with all of these late posts that still need to be written.  

One of the main reasons I like doing these weekly posts about C is because it makes me take regular photos of C.  Better yet, these posts force me to go through the photos I have of C and narrow them down.  I have to work on choosing the "best" from the many that I have taken throughout the week.  It is so easy to take photos and never edit them down to just the good ones in this digital age, so doing these posts forces me to delete the bad and blurry photos.  If I'm honest though, I do keep more than I should, but at least it is getting better.  This is a work in progress for me and I'm sure with time, I'll get better with my choices.  After all, I can't keep buying new hard drives to store all of my photos!

March 11 - March 17

C is enjoying showering outside these days!

Baby butt!

Silly boy!

...All About C...
C is moving around so much these days and is getting really good at running, which means that all he wants to do is run! It's adorable watching him just go, but we do end up with quite a few scraped up knees regularly.  C continues to enjoy playing with his many balls.  He can play with the balls with others and can now bounce, roll, and kick the balls to whoever he is playing with.  That's right...we've got a budding athlete over here! YEAH!

On the not so positive side, C has begun to spit.  He spits a lot and at totally inappropriate times.  He'll do it when he's mad, when he's tired, for fun...basically anytime he has the urge.  It doesn't matter that we've repeatedly told him "no" or flicked his mouth, the boy will.not.stop.  UGH! It's one thing if he were to just do it at home, but no, he totally spits anywhere and everywhere.  We are hoping it is a phase and really hoping that one day he'll understand us when we tell him not to spit.  Fingers crossed!

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