Wednesday, May 8, 2013

c's 4 months old

C is 4 months old now and continues to overwhelm us with all of his changes.  This month C continues to thrive and weighs in at 7.3 kg and is 64 cm tall.  He has a fabulous appetite and now fits into his 6 month old clothes! C learned how to drink from a bottle (although we've only done this twice) this month giving us a chance to get out of the house without him, which was super exciting and sad all at the same time.  

C has a big gummy smile that makes an appearance more often now.  In fact, his adorable smiles are what we get to wake up to every morning.  When he's super excited, C makes a crazy high pitch shriek and shakes all over making me laugh every time.  C is also getting stronger and has a fantastic grip.  He has managed to grab our glasses and my hair, so we have got to be more careful now.  He loves grabbing at  his toys still and is now able to get a hold of the different parts on his play-mat.  

Highlights for this month include: C getting his first ant bites (so sad!), being held by waitresses at restaurants giving me a chance to eat my meal, going swimming twice, and finally getting what tummy time is all about! 

Happy 4 months C!  

Thrilled to be 4 months old!

Standing tall!

Loves playing with his tongue!


I love you C!

...Things to Remember...
been swimming
talks more
enjoys tummy time
shrieks with excitement
used a bottle

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  1. What a happy baby! He's adorable. :)

    Have a great Tuesday.

  2. I love that he shrieks in happiness and then shakes all over! That must be so cute to see!! Aww, such a happy baby. :)

  3. Those were the days! enjoy! He seems to be a very happy baby.

  4. I love these personality shots! So cute. Babies start really getting animated around 4-6 months. Such a fun season. I'm sorry your linky image didn't show up. Not sure what happened.

  5. So wonderful to see you enjoying your sweet boy this way! He'll grow up much too quickly, so savor it all. (Visiting from Little Things Thursday)

  6. Love it. Soooo darling. Yep, you can't really tell expectant mothers how amazing it is to be a mom, they have to experience it and you, my dear, are in that moment!


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