Thursday, April 18, 2013

c's 15th week

We had ourselves a big week with a couple of firsts, which made up for our rather ordinary week last week.  One of our fun firsts this week was going swimming with C's buddy Dylan and his parents.  We headed to a restaurant (Baa Baa Black Cafe) that is a bit out of town for the afternoon.  We ate some good food, enjoyed the nice breeze, and had a short dip in the pool with the boys.  It was fun to share this first moment with them as Dylan is just a couple of weeks younger than C.  C did a great job in the pool and the verdict is still out as to whether or not he likes swimming.  He didn't fuss or cry, but he also didn't smile.  He was simply super chilled out the whole time.  So we are definitely going to head out and try swimming more in hopes that he becomes a water baby!

When we decided on this outing to the pool, the only fear I had was getting myself back into some swim wear.  I only own bikinis, so the thought of putting one on was a bit scary.  Thankfully I let go of my inhibitions and went with it as the experience and memory made with C is worth more than my body image issues! :) I'm comfortable with where I am currently at, but showing it to others is definitely not the most comfortable experience.  Hopefully with time, I will gain more confidence in the changes my body has gone through and not worry any longer as going for a swim was definitely nice in this heat!

Another exciting first was leaving C home with his Apo while Matt and I went out to play Songkran (a CITY-WIDE WATER FIGHT) for a couple of hours.  The reason this was such a big moment for us is due to the fact that I actually pumped one ounce of milk and C drank from a bottle while we were out! The one ounce was totally NOT enough, but it was enough to get us home before C got too crazy.  Now I've just got to figure out how to pump more and start building a supply so that I can leave the house occasionally without C and not feel rushed.  We have moved into a new period people and this momma is excited about getting a 2 hour massage ALONE in the near future!!

Day 99 (4/9)
Sleeping baby...

Day 100
Naked baby...

Day 101 (4/11)
SWIMMING for the first time!

Day 102
Listening to Grandpa singing songs...

Day 103
Hanging out with Grandpa in the kitchen.

Day 104
C loves his Lamaze toys!

Day 105
Why are you bothering me mama?!

Just another week....

...Things to Remember...
- C went swimming for the first time this week! He was totally chilled out in the pool and didn't hate it, which is a win in my book.  We are going to try it again and hopefully he'll smile a bit more... 
- C took a bottle and didn't get nipple confusion! :) 
- On a personal note, I tried pumping this week and it was not easy! It took over half an hour to get just one ounce.  Hopefully it will be easier otherwise life may get drastically harder once work begins again!

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  1. Beautiful little baby, hope he becomes a champion swimmer

  2. Beautiful photographs! That's great that you are introducing him to the pool already. :-)

  3. Looks like a fun week! Such cute shots of your little guy!

  4. What a cutie pie your son is! Hope the pumping thing gets easier for can make a big difference in your life :-)


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