Friday, April 26, 2013

c's 16th week

This week was quite the adventure as we dog-sat for my aunt.  Luckily for me, the dog became my sidekick for the week as she just wouldn't leave my side.  She followed me everywhere, would only go outside if I was taking her, slept next to my side of the bed, and enjoyed waking me up in the mornings.  Fun times! After this experience, who knows if I'm going to want to have a dog any time soon as it is hard enough having a baby attached to my hip all day, every day! Ha!

We didn't let the dog stop us and still left the house a fair bit.  Most of our outings involved going out to eat as C's Apo was out of town.  We usually eat at my mom's house (we are neighbors and we don't have a kitchen in our space which is a whole separate blog post) a lot, so it was nice to get out and eat at some of our favorite places around town.  That said, we do need to get out more as we only know of a handful of places to eat at even though Chiang Mai has so many restaurants.  

C has been a lot fussier this week and cries way more than usual.  Both Matt and I think that he is in the beginning stages of teething, which is crazy since he shouldn't be old enough to have teeth, right?? He is also super vocal these days and does this crazy high pitched thing that makes me laugh when we are home and makes me cringe when we are out in public.  Oh man....I think life is going to get way more interesting as he gets older! 

Day 106 (4/16)
C hanging out with his Apo before she left on her week long holiday to Korea.

Day 107
One chill baby...

Day 108

Day 109
Finally! The staff members at this tea house took C and gave me a chance 
to eat and hang out with a friend.  It was wonderful! :) 

Day 110
Naked time!

Day 111
C is 3.5 months and his friend is over 5 months old.
Our baby is a MONSTER! 

Day 112
Shower time! C still loves his bath...


...Things to Remember...
- C is seriously a drooling machine! He drools, blow bubbles, and sprays the spit.  Makes you just want to get real close to him, doesn't it?? :) Due to this, we are now occasional bib users in hopes of keeping ourselves and his clothes moderately dry. 
- C seems to have turned a corner and is now willing to smile at the camera...sometimes.  I'll take it!
- On a personal note, since delivering C, I CANNOT get enough sweets.  It is a serious addiction...and I'd even go so far as to call it a sickness.  Help!

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  1. He is getting so big! What a cutie. I had to smile at the picture of the staff taking the baby so you could eat. We loved that at small restaurants. The first time it happened we were of course concerned, but we grew to appreciate being able to eat without passing a baby back and forth.

  2. These are the cutest pics, Melody! he is growing fast and so, sooooo adorable! Emily got her first teeth at 4 months! she was so tiny (born early) and yet got teeth so early! weird. Hope to see you soon. I love the photo of Christiana and him!
    xo, Cricket

  3. Melody, I just realized both of our husbands are named Matt....just another common bond between us. My grandson, just got over the drooling pouring all down took months for it to stop. I just love "C" happy smile with the lakers tee shirt adorable!


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