Saturday, April 20, 2013

songkran 2013 part 3

Just a few more pictures from Songkran to share with y'all!

Little boys having with his bucket ready and the other hiding in the barrel!

The guns are ready to go!

Smart ladies choosing to slow down rather than trying to speed past...

The older gentleman is enjoying every moment! 
His weapon of choice is a type of water gun made from PVC pipes and works really well.

So many things for sale along the streets...hats, water-guns, and food! make the water being thrown cold...BRR!

He's got on a long sleeve shirt and a full face mask and sunglasses...WHAT?!?

Oh will never stay dry!!

Please check out Part 1 and Part 2 for more Songkran pictures.

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  1. love the water fights in the streets!

  2. Oh how David loved everything about Songkran.....he loved the rituals, the joy of the people and the simple fun involved with the celebration Thanks for reminding me xoxoxox MOM

  3. Oh boy! Is this like the best festival ever or what???
    PS I have one of those pool noodle water guns and they're amazing. It must be an SE Asia thing, as I have never seen them before now.

  4. What a great water fun!!! Your photos make me wanna be there also:)

  5. That just looks like the best fun ever.


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