Saturday, October 27, 2012

weeks 18 - 22

Weeks 18 - 22 marked the fifth month of this pregnancy.  This was a big month for us.  Week 18 started off well as we found out that we are having a baby BOY! So exciting! Another noteworthy moment happened during Week 20 when we finally felt baby's punches and kicks.  This was so surreal and such a thrill for both of us.  Since then, I've really enjoyed every move baby makes as it totally comforts me and reminds me that he is here and healthy.

We are having a BOY!

We are at the halfway point and to celebrate, here's me all dolled up!
We also felt baby move for the first time this week! So fun!

Where did this bump suddenly come from?!?

** Some Highlights **
Symptoms: Slight nausea in the morning, a definite increase in my appetite, and a bit of back pain.
Total Weight Gain: About 6 kg
Cravings: I still try to make good choices with my snacks and food, but there are definitely two things I  enjoy a fair bit.  The first is some bbq pork on a stick called 'moo ping' that I get from the food vendors outside of school.  It is so tasty and makes a great after-school snack! Something else I'm really enjoying is ice-cream.  Matt's been kind enough to hop on the motorbike and buy me Magnums lately and they totally hit the spot after dinner!
Maternity Clothes: Still able to wear my normal clothes! YES!
Wedding Ring: On
Sleep: Good, but I've begun using a body pillow that I hug all night long.  Also as long as I don't wake up to go to the toilet in the night, I'm able to sleep well.  On the nights I do wake up, I tend to have a really hard time falling back to sleep.
Belly Button: Still normal (half innie & half outie...the doc didn't do a good job on me!)
Other: This month the belly bump came out in full force.  I started going to a prenatal yoga class this month and quite enjoy moving about and stretching.  Some bigs news this month included the fact that we got to see baby and find out that we are having a BOY! Also we finally were able to feel baby's kicks and punches this month.  They come and go and aren't super strong or consistent yet, so I'm enjoying them a lot! I finally also started having a small social life this month as I was able to work up the energy to get out and meet people and hang out.  
Fun story: This month I got told that I was ugly, which means that we are having a boy.  Guess the person was right, eh? :) I was also told that I had gained too much weight this month at the doctors office...let's just say that I was not so impressed by the nurse lady!


  1. Do you have BBQ cow on a stick? Would that be "moo ing"?

    1. HAHA! You are too funny! :) Now that you've had some time loving on baby Seb, are you ready for your own?!? :D


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