Sunday, October 28, 2012

week 23 - 27

Weeks 23 - 27 marked the sixth month of this pregnancy.  This month has been a good month although I still require an obscene amount of sleep! It is pretty unreal just how quickly time seems to be passing.  We've begun to get some baby things, but it is all pretty random.  Luckily it is not stressing either of us out as we know it will all get done some point before baby shows up. :) Week 27 was a rough week as it was the week I caught my first cold.  I was down and out for most of the week, although I did manage to make it to work everyday.  Thankfully we had a work day without the students and a surprise day off which gave me more time to recuperate.  It was rough, but we survived it!

The last week with my long hair....what was I thinking?!? :)

** Some Highlights **
Symptoms: Morning sickness and nausea came back to haunt me a few times this month, some leg cramps in the night, and feeling just a bit more uncomfortable.  I've still been sleeping a lot and usually am in bed by about 9:15 pm so that I'm ready for my 6 am alarm.  I have also begun to experience some shortness of breathe this month and have to take some really deep breathes to get enough air into me.
Total Weight Gain: About 8 kg...and boy was this a rough one for me as I finally hit the 70 kg mark at the end of the month and sadly shed a few tears about this major moment in my life.  Needless to say, my body is totally NOT my own anymore!
Cravings: I am eating a lot of everything now.  I love all foods and snacks and have a hard time stopping.  In fact, I've had to tell Matt and my mom to remind me to stop eating as I tend to overeat and then get super uncomfortable!
Maternity Clothes: Still able to wear my normal clothes, but have begun to mix in some maternity clothes on occasion.  I went shopping for clothes to wear to work and bought some maternity pants and some larger sized tops.  So far, if I wear maternity pants, I tend to wear one of my normal shirts and if I wear my newer larger shirts, I tend to wear my normal bottoms.  So yes....I may be fighting the complete maternity outfit as my mind is still not ready for that! 
Wedding Ring: On
Sleep: Good, but I'm now using the body pillow consistently.  Also I've experienced a couple of pregnancy insomnia nights and those are not fun at all!
Belly Button: Kind of normal, but I think the outie is becoming even more prominent these days (half innie & half outie...the doc didn't do a good job on me!).
Other: This month I tried out a water aerobics class and quite enjoyed it and am looking forward to going more often.  Baby's kicks and punches are getting stronger this month.  Our evening routine now includes Matt talking to baby and baby boy sending kicks and punches our way at bedtime.  He's one active little boy and seems to enjoy flipping around inside my belly.  Luckily I still am enchanted and enamored by all of his movements and none of them have been painful...yet!
Fun story: I always high-five my students at the end of the day.  Since the baby bump has become way more obvious, a couple of them have begun to gently high-five my baby bump on a daily basis now too.  It is pretty adorable! I've also been told by many to stop wearing my jeans as it is cutting off baby's circulation...which I don't think is true...which explains why I'm still wearing jeans! :) 


  1. Wow, I can't believe how much your belly changed within 3 weeks! You look great though! And what great memories you'll be able to keep by blogging your way through the weeks!

    My well-wish for you? I hope you don't get hemorrhoids... they are truly the worst...

    1. Thanks Erika! :) I think baby is making up for the initial slow growth. It is crazy how big I'm feeling and I'm totally crossing my fingers and hoping the growing slows down a bit. I know, completely unlikely, but you never know! :) How much can I really grow in the next 10 weeks after all?!? HA! Thanks for that, I'm hoping for the same thing! :)


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