Monday, October 29, 2012

week 28

Week 28 marked the first week of our seventh month.  It fell on the last week of school before our Fall Break.  Let's just say I was SO ready for this holiday and for some down time away from work.  This was a good week minus getting morning sickness right before the parent-teacher conferences.  Not a high point for me.  Thankfully I've got some great colleagues who helped me out and got me water and mouth wash so that I was ready by 8am for my first conference!

This week I also shared our latest video from our ultra sound appointment of baby boy to my students.  They had a great time watching it and were totally enthralled.  That said, they did mention that he looked like a dinosaur! Oops!

** Some Highlights **
Symptoms: Morning sickness and nausea were  back this week. 
Total Weight Gain: About 8 kgs still
Cravings: I actually wasn't quite as hungry as I have been due to the nausea and getting over my cold I think.  To help with the nausea, I have been eating lots of ritz crackers.  
Maternity Clothes: I'm definitely doing a mix of maternity and regular clothes now.  I'm down to my last two pairs of regular pants that I am able to wear only because I use the rubber band trick to keep the button attached to the button hole.  
Wedding Ring: On
Sleep: Good
Belly Button: It is changing.  My outie is beginning to poke out more now and is pretty apparent when I wear certain shirts.
Other: I've lost my fitness mojo and need to get it back!
Fun story: This week a student told me that my belly was getting really big these days.  Another student then stared at my belly, touched it repeatedly, and told me it looked like a watermelon! 

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