Thursday, August 18, 2011

last hurrah

So apparently people aren't allowed to get married unless they've had a night out with friends celebrating the end of their freedom single lifestyle.  This is where our bachelor and bachelorette party comes in.

Matt's Buck's Night was a complete surprise, so he had no idea it was happening when it did.  It was a Friday night and he was off to meet our friend Morten for dinner.  He almost cancelled, but luckily he sucked it up and went.  Thank goodness too as there were a bunch of friends waiting at the bar for him, including his boss! :) He had a fun night with some fun stories to share, but you'll have to ask him about those yourself.  HA!

My Hen's Night was BRILLIANT!!! I have the most amazing friend and matron of honor, Angie, and she went all out for me.  That said, ALL of the ladies that came to help me celebrate are simply wonderful.  They went all out and embraced the evening fully, wigs and all! I knew it was coming but did not know any of the details until the evening of.  The evening started in TST where we went on the AquaLuna Junk first.  Then we went to eat at Loong Toh Yuen at Hullet House in TST.  Finally we ended the evening over in Central at LKF and basically bar hopped till 2 am! It was so much seriously...SO.MUCH.FUN!!!

Thanks to Angie, Claire, Jennifer, Karen, Katherine, Kristin, Laura, Nikki, and Maggie for some fabulous memories!!!

Embracing the green...


Ladies on the Aqualuna...

Exotic dinner...


Jello Shots!

Ice Bar...the beginning of the end...

Surviving till the end...with help...

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