Wednesday, August 17, 2011

wedding update...the details

Have you ever planned a wedding? There is seriously a lot of details that must be thought about and decided on. We have had to make so many decisions that by the end of it, I´m pretty sure we just said yes to a whole lot of things just to be done with stuff. :)

Now that the wedding has come and gone, I feel like I can include some of the fun details we had as a part of our big day.  Right from the get go, one of the decisions we had to make dealt with the wedding invitations which set the tone for the wedding.  We went with two awesome colors PINK and GREEN (try to imagine them being a whole lot bolder and brighter) in order to make the invitations fun and inviting.  I think they were a hit! :)

With that decided, we just then used these two colors and embraced the FUN.  Since we wanted to have an outdoor wedding, one of our wedding favors were really neat bamboo fans that had discreet herbal scents to them.  This way people could keep cool in the crazy heat.  That said, I was not bright enough to have one while standing at the alter and thereby was sweating up a storm throughout the entire thing!  The other wedding favor was set at the dinner tables and were cute little elephants (we love elephants and embraced the Thai in us) that contained one of ten pictures of Matt and I from our travels.


Ceremony Venue

We really played up the pink and green colors now that I think about it.  They were a big part of our decor what with our pink and green flowers, table clothes, and even seat covers.  Don't worry, they were more of an accent colors with white playing a lovely base to all the pops of color.  However, it didn't just end with the decor as we also included these colors in our wedding attire.  Matt wore a green with white polka-dots tie and his best man's was pink with white polka-dots.  In order to match, my matron of honor wore a lovely pink drink and I wore some awesome green heels!


My AWESOME green heels!

This leads me to my wedding dress.  I had my dress made in Chiang Mai and it came out beautifully.  The style came from a dress I had tried on in Hong Kong and simply fell in love with.  The first time I tried it on, I cried.  It was crazy.  I got fitted in April and didn't try on the dress until 10 days before the wedding.  Thankfully they only had to make some small alterations as I lost weight (YES!) and everything was perfect.  That said, while waiting and even up to the final fitting, I constantly second guessed my choice as the dress is not something I'd normally wear and I was petrified that Matt wouldn't like.  Luckily he loved and so did I!

Front and Back

So two more things to share and then I'm done...promise. :) First is my entrance.  I came in via a BOAT. There is really nothing else to say about it as it was seriously least the pictures are! Second is that we had a moment where we let go some lanterns, otherwise known as khom loys, with our guests.  That was super cool as well.  Alright, I am done.

Arriving via the BOAT!

Letting off Khom Loys.

All in all, the wedding was FABULOUS and we both had a wonderful day and enjoyed celebrating with some of our friends and family.

ps...Matt created a website for our wedding and on it he included our story for how we met.  If you are interested in reading it, click HERE and you can learn a bit more about the two of us.


  1. Awesome post and now I feel like I have a little insight into your special day!! I love that you guys went with PINK and GREEN - such an awesome choice :) - especially cause you bought super awesome green heels to match!! :)

    Flip xox

  2. Thank you Flip! It was a fabulous night...definitely one I'll remember forever. So when are you coming to town?? We can definitely do this again! :) xo


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