Thursday, August 18, 2011

the BEST day

Our wedding on Wednesday, July 7th, 2011 was the BEST day ever as I got to marry my best friend, Mathew Cameron!  It was beautiful, wonderful, special, fun, and perfect in every way.

The day was a blur and went by very quickly.  It was an early morning for us as we started the day at the Thai court house.  Once we got our official wedding certificate we both headed our separate ways until later that day.  Matt  was able to go swimming, get a massage, and relax with his best man.  I on the other hand went to get my hair and makeup done with Angie.  It took a lot longer than I thought and we arrived back at the hotel about 20 minutes before the wedding! Oops! :)

The wedding ceremony was beautiful.  My mom and Matt's mom lighted candles during the beginning of the wedding.  I came in by boat and my dad met me at the top of the stairs to walk me down the remainder of the aisle.  Our friend Angie and Dave stood by us as we got wed.  My uncle led the ceremony and married us.  My brother, Matt's brother, and Matt's cousin all read different readings during the ceremony.  It was lovely!

After the wedding, we took some photos and then it was off to the reception.  The reception was fun.  There was food and speeches.  We let off some khom loys.  We cut our cupcake and poured champagne.  We had our first dance to Silver and Gold.  Then we danced the night away!

The following two evenings consisted of taking countless photos with our photographer all around town.  It was fun and I've promised Matt to not do anymore professional wedding pictures (that means other professional ones are allowed!).  So enjoy the photos from our WEDDING! :)

I know...another boat one...

About to exchange vows...






Posing with a Sam Law.

Posing with an Elephant!


  1. Gorgeous! You are stunning, Mel!! The pictures are beautiful, but wow, you are incredible!

    I hope you and Matt continue to enjoy each other and your life together! Congratulations! *muah*


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