Monday, August 17, 2009


The MTR is the subway system that I will use to get around Hong Kong (HK). This will play a big part in my life for the next two years. If I want to go anywhere, I must learn to navigate the different lines that lead to the different areas of HK. This means that I need to get my geography in place so that I know where I’m headed and which direction I need to go in order to get to my destination. For the directionally challenged (like myself), this is not the easiest thing. I know that I will be able to do it, but I will probably make a few mistakes along the way.

On Friday, I reached a major milestone since arriving in HK. I went on the MTR without Mathew! This is pretty big deal (yes, I had the directions written down so that I would not make a mistake). I made it out to Soho (which took me 40 minutes) where I met up with some colleagues for a night out. It was great to get out and get to know some of my colleagues better. We had loads of fun riding the escalators up with the hills. That’s right, there are escalators on the sidewalks to make it easier to get up! Walking down on the other hand was not as exciting…especially since it was late and we were all tired. I had a great night and can't wait to have many more fun nights with these new friends of mine!


  1. Glad to see you got out with some new friends. I am sure they will love you, like we do...

  2. Thanks! It is hard meeting new people, but I am working on it. Thankfully Mathew is around, so I'm never lonely! :D


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