Tuesday, August 11, 2009

home sweet home

When we first arrived in Hong Kong, we stayed at the Nathan Hotel. This was our home for exactly one week. We arrived on Friday, July 31st and left on Friday, August 7th. During that oh so difficult week, we met with countless realtors who led us from one apartment to another.

Since then, we have made a decision and have since moved into our first apartment in Kowloon. It is a wonderful building whose name we aren’t entirely sure of! Either it is Infinity 8 or 8 Clear Water Bay. No matter what, we are happy and now have a home to call our own.

This home of ours is a 670 square foot shoebox of a place on the 19th floor. We have a kitchen, living/dining room, bathroom, 2 bedrooms, and a balcony that gives us a splendid view. We are a single tower complex (many complexes have many towers meaning that there are lots of people competing for the elevators) with great receptionists in the lobby that greet us every time we come through their domain. We also have a clubhouse that consists of a swimming pool, gym, reading room, and a multitude of other rooms to be rented out (piano room, majong room, and even a banquet room for parties). Needless to say, this apartment is definitely working for us and we can’t wait to use all the facilities that are offered to us as residents!

There are a number of reasons why we chose this apartment instead of the many others that people have recommended. One of the main reasons was due to the fact that we are now conveniently located above the MTR line (the subway system in Hong Kong). This is great because this will be our main mode of transportation. In fact, we are one stop away from some of the biggest shopping complexes in our area! Another reason we like our location is because it is a primarily local community which will hopefully enhance our experience positively and give us a glimpse as to what real life in Hong Kong consists of. That being said, we are thankful that many can speak some English, as it would be very hard to get anything done otherwise.

Here is to hoping for the best in our new neighborhood!


  1. Your building sounds great and the place has everything my house has, except for a patio...but you have a pool! You sounded much more content in today's blog..like things are falling together..hopefully, not too many tears are falling. whitmans

  2. Melody:
    My name is Frank Booker and I am one of Matt's friends from teacher's college. My family and I are sending both of you our best wishes for your time in Hong Kong. I look forward to reading about your adventures in Hong Kong.

  3. Hi Frank! Thanks for reading. We appreciate it and look forward to hearing from you! Melody & Matt


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