Thursday, August 6, 2009

chance encounter

As I mentioned in my earlier post, being unable to communicate with the people here has been one of the biggest frustrations of moving to Hong Kong.  It is a helpless feeling to be a 27 year old woman, trying to talk to someone through points, grunts and other basic sign language.  That’s what made today’s occurrence so thrilling!

We were in a local market today and looking for someplace to eat.  There were a bunch of little local joints, so we chose one to enter at random (the one with the most people seemed like a good idea).  We went in and asked for a menu.  That didn’t work.  The lady looked at us and shrugged her shoulders.  We thanked her and turned to leave in hopes of finding someplace to eat.  Before we got out the door, the lady started talking to a customer.  SHE WAS SPEAKING THAI!! That’s right, we were in the middle of nowhere, hungry and confused, and suddenly I could understand something.  I immediately started chatting her up and soon enough, she invited us in and helped us find something to eat.  We did not go hungry today!


  1. Oh, I know that feeling! Just something familiar to give you a base to build on. We're praying that you settle in well and have a great year. Missing your corny jokes that always got me chuckling ;) God bless, CJ

  2. Hi Christina! Thanks for the prayers! Time is an amazing thing and things are getting better and better the longer we are here. Missing your laughter and positivity as well! :D


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