Sunday, August 30, 2009

one month already

It is crazy to think that a month ago, I was in Canada, and packing my bags for this new chapter of my life. So much has happened since that day including the big move to Hong Kong, finding an apartment in a week, furnishing an apartment, starting a new job, and finding the time and energy to make friends and start building relationships. I started out scared and anxious, but I'm now feeling a lot more comfortable here and I'm looking forward to all the adventures yet to come my way. Life is good!

There is so much to share, so I will work on blogging more frequently. Life has been hectic with so many new and different experiences that by the end of the evening, I can barely keep my eyes open, let alone find the energy to blog about it all! However, I think that I’m beginning to get the hang of things and thus will be able to write more about all that has been happening.

Until then, thanks for reading and checking up on me!

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