Saturday, September 5, 2009

humble abode

We are getting more and more settled in as the weeks past. At this point, we have all of our basic necessities and even a few fun items to make our space feel more like OURS. In order to get this to happen, we have to thank our sponsor IKEA for having everything at such affordable prices! That’s right, our apartment is essentially IKEA clad from top to bottom. We had no idea where to get things in our area, so IKEA was truly a wonderful find. Finding the store has been great as it is only one MTR stop away from us, thus making the trips to and from a lot easier to manage. The only downfall is that we now do not enjoy going to IKEA as much anymore as we’ve been there a lot in the past month!
Hopefully the photos below will give you some idea of our space. There is still more we want to purchase to make things even more comfortable, but there is definitely time to make it all happen. Until then, we are happy here and are enjoying having someplace comfortable to call our own. It's a nice feeling!

We started with absolutely nothing expect for an ugly green love seat that our land lord left for us to use. So as you can see, there was a lot of shopping to be done!

That's right! I helped to put together all of the furniture we bought...well...almost all of the furniture we bought. This is a picture of the bed frame in the bedroom.

The second closet, umm, room has become the walk-in closet I've always wanted. Don't be scared though folks as there will be room for visitors! We'll be tidying up this room so that there is a little more space and also possibly purchasing either a pull out sofa bed for the living room or an air mattress that can be put anywhere.

This is the main focus of our living room, the lovely TV (thank you Jaquie and David!). We probably spend way too much time watching this thing, but we are so happy to have the distraction. Mathew also recently also had some pictures printed and framed so that our apartment now feels more like home.

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