Monday, June 23, 2014

c's 77th week

We have had a slow second week in Canada as Matt has been really sick due to getting too much sun and not enough water on our day to Niagara Falls.  Oops.  So it's been lots of days at home playing in the back yard, going for walks around the neighborhood, and visiting the park nearby.  C's also had lots of fun playing with his Grandma this week.

June 17 - June 23

Wanting to go outside.

A boy and a dog.

Playing catch!

Grandma's in town!

Slide fun with Grandma!

Saying goodbye to Grandma.

...All About C...
C's had a good week and is learning to enjoy being outdoors more.  He's not been a huge fan of grass, but has gotten better at running around on it since he's been in Canada.  He loves running every where now and has fallen a few times causing him to have some nasty scrapes on his face.  It's gotta happen, right?

Since being here, C's been able to play on slides and swings a lot more.  He LOVES both of these and can play with them for long periods of time.  It is cute watching him swing as he just chills out completely on it.

One thing we are really happy with is how comfortable C has become with the dog.  At first, C was a bit scared of her and very hesitant around her.  After being here for a week though, he is totally enjoying her.  He will give her hugs, play catch with her, and chase her all over.  It definitely makes us want to get him a dog someday.

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