Monday, June 30, 2014

c's 78th week

We have so enjoyed our first week in LA.  My brother has been an awesome host welcoming us into his space.  We started off our time by taking a day to just relax and decompress.  Then I took the plunge and drove my brother's truck all over the place.  It was quite nerve wracking to drive again (on the wrong side of the road), but I have to say that I got the hang of it pretty quick! HA! I drove us around a bunch of times during our time in LA.  Some highlights this week include heading over to Venice Beach, going to Santa Monica, heading over to Redondo Beach, and hanging around downtown LA.

Since being in LA, we have enjoyed hanging out with my brother.  It's been so nice to see what his life is like and to be introduced to all that is important to him.  He's been a trooper and has taken us out to different places and has let us me shop while he runs around after C.  We have been to Target, been to grocery stores including a Trader Joe's, and have been to a couple of malls so that I can get my shopping on.  I'd just like to tell you that shopping with a kid around is not nearly as fun as doing it on my own.  :)

We have also had some amazing food while out here in LA.  We've had a lot of Mexican food and we are loving it! I've also had some Panda Express and a handful of Krispy Kreme donuts.  Yum! It is crazy what sorts of things you miss when you live overseas.

A personal highlight for me was being able to catch up with a bunch of friends from University.  Since our time was tight, we weren't able to do a lot with my friends, so I am thankful to have been able to catch up with a few of them over some fabulous meals.  I have to be honest in saying that I wish I could have met up with more friends, but it is really hard to put yourself out there to try to get people to get together when it's been so long since I last saw them.  My time at University was brilliant and I made many wonderful friends, but it's been basically a decade since I've seen many of them and to push to see them in person instead of just on facebook was not something I felt comfortable doing.  Hopefully next time I'll put aside my fear and make more of an effort.

June 24 - June 30

First time at the beach.  It was cool and windy.  C loved chasing the birds!

Hanging in his awesome new shark stroller from TARGET!
We didn't bring our big one as we were hoping to get an umbrella stroller.

Uncle Bert swinging C in downtown LA.

LOVE my boy.

C so enjoyed hanging with his Uncle!

We saw a neat tattoo exhibit at a museum.
(Matt and I found it difficult taking C to the museum as he was loud and wanted to touch everything.)

C's second trip to the beach.  He wasn't such a fan to begin with, but eventually warmed up to it.  
He didn't like the water, but did run around in the sand.

...All About C...
C has had a great week.  He's really enjoyed hanging with Uncle Bert and warmed up to him very quickly.  It's been fun watching the two of them interact with one another and I'm so thankful to have a brother that will humor his nephew the way he does.

C's had to become fairly flexible this week with his schedule.  We've been out and about a lot, so C has learned to nap on the go.  Also because of my brother's work, our dinners have been far later than we are used to.  Thankfully C hasn't seemed to mind too much and has remained a happy camper.  I think it has been hard for Matt and I though as we do like the structure of our routines, so being without it can be quite difficult.

This week, C was able to experience the beach for the first time ever.  He didn't love it initially, but he did grow to like it and be comfortable on it.  He was fine on the sand, but even though he loves the water, the waves were just too much for him to handle.  I think we'll have to take him to a Thai beach someday soon as I'm absolutely sure he'll love it.

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