Monday, June 16, 2014

c's 76th week

We have enjoyed our first full week in Canada.  We've gone on walks and have enjoyed the cool weather and clean air.  We've had lots of yummy food to eat including my favorite, cheerios! We've had bbqs outside, played at the park, shopped at target, and gone grocery shopping! What can I say...we are adventurous folk!

The best part of course is seeing family and watching C get to know his Canadian family.  The boys are getting along and have been playing well with one another.  C is fitting in as the youngest and slowly learning to share and take turns.  WOHOO! 

June 10 - June 16

Park fun!

Pretending to be in high school again.  :) 

Saying 'Sawasdee krap', swinging, and driving!

Going for some ice-cream in the wagon.

C's first time eating ice-cream.  He loved it!


Hanging at the park with C's Grandpa and Uncle.

C has grown really comfortable with this beautiful dog.

Yay for extended family visits!

Saying goodbye to Grandpa.

Visiting Niagara Falls for Father's Day.
Happy Father's Day Matt!

Hanging with the boys.



...All About C...
C's had a great week, but has been missing his Asian food.  This week, we gave him a cup of noodles and he devoured it.  He seriously shook in delight and was so excited to eat something he was familiar with.  It never occurred to me to consider how much he'd miss Asian food and how he'd feel about it.  I felt so bad for him.  Knowing this, we have since tried to give C something Asian to eat every few days!

C is loving the different snacks out here.  He's had a lot of strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries.  He's also enjoyed a lot of goldfish crackers and applesauce packets.  He's also really enjoyed the cheese and yogurt as well.  There are so many snack options for kids, it's insane.  I wish I could bring all of these options back home to CNX with me as it sure would make life a lot easier.  No worries though...we are definitely getting our fill and enjoying it all right now.

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