Monday, June 9, 2014

C's 75th week

School is over and we are officially on summer holidays! YAY! The school year ended well and I will really miss the group of kiddos I had this year.  But boy am I glad for this year to be over as it has been a tough year with work demands, leaving C home with a nanny, and building our house.  Everything isn't completely perfect yet, but for the moment, it's all good as we are putting everything on hold while we traipse off to North America for a much needed break.

This week has been a busy week with a couple of family get togethers before everyone headed off in different directions over the summer.  Also my 32nd birthday came and went pretty uneventfully as we were busy packing for our trip.  Which leads to the biggest news of the week, which is that we made it to Canada! 

So flying with a walker is definitely different than flying with an infant.  C did really well, but it definitely wasn't a walk in the park.  He did sleep a fair bit, which was helpful.  He slept in the bassinet for most of it, but also did sleep in our arms at different points during the flight.  C ate really well and enjoyed walking around the plane a lot.  HA! We also prepared a special bag for him filled with TONS of snacks, new toys, and a bunch of books, which did keep him pretty occupied.  C loved playing with the playdoh, which this was the first time he ever got to play with it.  He also really enjoyed all of the stickers we brought a long.  The only difficult thing was that C basically wanted to sit with me the whole time.  It wasn't the end of the world for me, but it was hard for Matt who did want to do more.  But really, if this was the worse thing to have happened, I think we did alright.  

June 3 - June 9
C and 3 of his favorite people!
From left to right, Jia Jia (nanny), Ayi (helper), and Little Jia Jia (friend).

Hanging in the sun before a LONG day of travel.  
Then, all ready in his travel PJs.

See...he did sleep! 
Also the obligatory transit photo...

Enjoying a stroll to Tim Hortens for C's first (and only) tim bit!

A boy chillin' in a swing!

Learning to play t-ball.  He's a natural!


...All About C...
C has had a whirlwind week and has handled everything well.  He handled the many flights and hours traveling really well with only a short meltdown at one point.  While traveling, I did bring out the camera to show C photos of the people at home that he cares about as he did ask for everyone a lot.  I'm so glad I thought to take photos before leaving as we did look at them periodically while we were traveling around.

Since arriving to Canada, we've had a bit of jet lag in that C has woken up in the middle of the night for a couple of days now.  After a couple of hours, we've all been able to go back to bed for a bit longer before being up for the day.  Everyday has been better and I'm hoping that we'll be back on a normal routine soon.

C has really enjoyed meeting his cousins and playing with them.  He definitely isn't used to the new surroundings, but he's also not scared of it.  He was a little nervous around their dog at first, but thankfully is slowly warming up to her.  C's having fun playing outside and loves their awesome playhouse.  He is running around and just soaking it all in. 

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