Monday, June 2, 2014

c's 74th week

When it rains, it pours.  This has been a really difficult month for us and it's only gotten worse as my grandfather (technically my great uncle once removed...or something like that) just passed away rather abruptly too this week.  He has lived a marvelous life, but it was still hard to hear about his passing.

Things are winding down at work and we are making plans for our summer holiday.  We've changed our plans because the house is still not finished.  We are bummed that our trip home will be shortened, but are so thankful to still be able to go.  Now if we can just get through the massive to do list before our flight....wish us luck!

May 27 - June 2
Visiting C's Atai, who is back at home.  Yay!
Love my sweet, beautiful little boy...

Not the best photos...but it shows how C LOVES to take showers now.  He has no fear and loves putting his head right into the stream of water coming out.  Now if we could only get him to enjoy swimming as much as he does his bath/shower time...

...All About C...

C has learned a super cute Thai poem that he enjoys doing all the time now.  He can't say the poem too well, but he loves doing the motions over and over again.  C is now also saying "uhoh" a lot and it is seriously so adorable.  The way he says it and the tone he uses is just too cute.  I will say it in hopes of getting him to repeat it just because I love hearing him say "uhoh."  HA!

C is a mini me and is just mimicking us even more now.  Everyday he tries something new and will repeat all that he hears.  He doesn't remember everything thankfully, but he is sure picking up on things quickly.  We've got a clever little boy, that's for sure!

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