Monday, May 12, 2014

c's 71st week

**I am so behind on this blog, I've been told to just give up.  Thankfully I'm crazy OCD, so instead, I'm going to get my behind into gear and as long as I have the internet, I will work towards getting caught up.**

We celebrated Mother's Day in style this year by heading out to brunch at the Dhara Dhevi.  The food was delicious and we ate a lot! It was so nice to get treated to a fancy meal with the whole family.  C had a great time and was super well behaved thankfully!

May 6 - May 12
C & his papa

Family photo

C and his mama!

Family meal at the Dhara Dhevi celebrating Mother's Day.

Kicking the wall, pouting, and ready to times!

C playing! Saying "where is it" and then hiding his hands.  Too cute.

C loves riding on the motorbike!

...All About C...
This week's C's biggest thing has been to hide things behind his back in order to get us to ask him "where is it." After teasing us a while, he'll usually show us the object he's hiding in a very proud fashion.  What a little ham!

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  1. Well, certainly don't give up! You'll be glad that you stayed the course of documenting life. I wouldn't feel to pressured to catch up either, but just to just dive back in wherever you are. I have enjoyed reading your goings on here for so long. It really feels like a journal. :)

  2. I'm glad you haven't given up! I love watching C grow up. It's also kind of like getting a preview of what Cy will be like in just a few months! :)


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