Monday, May 5, 2014

c's 70th week

The highlight of this week was flying down to BKK for the day just so that we could go shopping at IKEA.  Yup, we are those people.  Haha! As our house is slowly getting finished, we need to start thinking about furnishing it as we seriously have only a fridge, crib, and dresser to our name.  Matt and I went down for the entire day and C stayed home with his Apo, JiaJia, and Ayi.  I was a bit nervous leaving him for so long, but it all worked out beautifully and we ended up with a ton of stuff for the house.  I've now got the IKEA bug and can't wait to go on another shopping trip there for some fun accessories!

Life is super busy at the moment and we are being pulled in every direction causing us to seriously reconsider our visit to North America this summer.  With C's Atai being as sick as she is, with our house STILL not being done, and with some craziness that has happened at school, all we want is time to ourselves and time to settle down.  Things are just piling up and it's hard to remember that this is just the phase of life we are currently in and that things will slow down at some point.  We'll see what happens...

April 29 - May 5

C's new cool chair from IKEA.  

Watching Elmo with Ernie sitting beside him.  Adorable! :) 

OMG! I forgot to mention the CRAZY earthquake we experienced, which happened shortly before this photo was taken.  We were inside the mall and had to leave the building and wait outside in case there continued to be more aftershocks.  Scary stuff!

...All About C...

C is an eating machine these days! He still is a great eater and enjoys most everything that is put in front of him.  C definitely favors Asian food over Western food and fruit over junk foods.  He still loves to snack on Cheerios, but also enjoys saltines and various other crackers.  When we go out to eat, instead of sharing a meal with me, we will often get C his own kids meal now!

C is again a sponge and is saying so many more words now.  He now can say 'JiaJia,' which is what he calls his nanny in Chinese.  Other Chinese words he can say is 'yao' (which means 'want') and 'biyao' (which means 'don't want').  Finally another English word he has learned is to say 'no' and boy does he have that down pat! HA!

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