Monday, May 19, 2014

c's 72nd week

This week has been quite the busy week.  We started by celebrating Apo's and Matt's birthdays.  If that wasn't enough, the big news is that Uncle Bert is here and will be around for the next two weeks.  My brother is in town because my grandmother isn't doing so well, which really isn't the best reason for him to be here for a visit.  However, we are so greatful to have him around as we haven't seen him since C's birth.

May 13 - May 19

Hanging with Uncle Bert!

Our little baller!

The food was so yummy, C wanted to get every last taste off the dish!

Bath time!

Happy Birthday Matt!

Yummy pasta!

Happy Birthday Apo!
...All About C...
C has been such a trooper this week as things have been hectic due to my grandmother not doing so well.  We've had lots of late nights and busy days at the hospital.  The only good thing about all of this is that C has gotten to hang out with a lot of relatives who are in town to see my grandmother.  

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