Monday, April 7, 2014

c's 66th week

C is now 15 months old!  This week, C has been enjoying the outdoors as the rains came and the air quality is much better now.  He really likes to play with his bouncy balls outside.  We are also back outside with bath time, which C absolutely loves.  The only problem with this is that we are doing C's bath before dinner while it is still hot out, which does change our routine a bit.  We'll have to look at how this earlier bath time could potentially affect C's sleep because we definitely don't want to mess with that! 

We are all exhausted and are just holding out till our spring break, which happens next week.  One more week to go and then we'll have two weeks off.  YEAH! I am so looking forward to a bit of down time and more time hanging out with C.  

This was a fabulous photo week, so enjoy the pictures!

April 1 - April 7

C loves to bounce, catch, throw, and kick the ball. 

Waiing (basically saying please) and asking for more spaghetti!
Yup, I let loose and just let C go at it and make a mess.  It was fun!

Yay! C loves Apo's spaghetti!

The sauce seriously got everywhere.

Hanging with daddy, otherwise known as papa to C.

Chilling with mommy, otherwise known as papa and sometimes mama to C.

Bathing outdoors rocks!

So much fun!

Serious moment.

Saying "no, no, no" to us and enjoying the water bucket! HA!

...All About C...
C has begun to wag his pointing finger and say "no, no, no" all of the time now.  It is seriously the cutest thing ever! We aren't really sure who he picked it up from, but we are loving mimicking him.  He'll just say it randomly and occasionally it actually fits the situation, making it all the better.  More often than not though, since he started it, we now use it to tell C no and then he'll do it back to us.  It is so funny!

Yup, C is saying "papa" a lot these days.  It is the most precious thing ever as his voice gets all soft and sweet when he says it.  C definitely calls Matt "papa," but will also call others "papa" too.  It seems to be his word for those he knowns and loves.  So yes, I get called "papa" regularly, which may or may not hurt my feelings! He does say "mama," but rarely does he say it to get my attention or to call for me.  One day it will happen, right?

I know I say this a lot, but boy does C seem to be all grown up right now.  He seems to be acting more mature these days, which doesn't seem possibly for a 15 month old, I know.  He is understanding more and more when we speak to him and I love that he can even respond to some things.  But really, it must just be his appearance that is making C appear to be so grown up...with all of the fun faces he makes, his long hair, and how tall he seems to be getting.

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  1. Awe, he is getting so big! I love his long locks. So nice that you guys got to go outside - the 'bucket bath" is adorable!

  2. So funny shots! :D Very sweet!

  3. I love spaghetti face pictures of babies! So so cute! C is such a dek Thai with his outside bathing! Love it.

  4. C is so adorable and what a beautiful family and greats for Little Things ~ xoxo

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  5. What a cutie! Beautiful family and precious memories in these images.

  6. I love that he waiis. And that he calls you papa. :) lol

  7. sweet, sweet boy. Time sure flies fast - before you know it, he'll be playing baseball!

  8. Beautiful and gorgeous moments captured!! Thank you to let us know about! And your job is great and lovely! All the best to you and family!


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