Monday, March 31, 2014

c's 65th week

This has been a super crazy week.  We started the week off by enjoying a fun and festive meal with my Chinese relatives at a popular Chinese restaurant as we had family visiting from Taiwan.  It's always fun getting together with family, even though things do get a bit hectic with C around.  C can handle restaurants, but long meals are more difficult as C usually can't sit still for the entire meal.  This means Matt and I get to tag team one another in order to hopefully keep C occupied so the rest of the family can enjoy the meal in moderate peace.  Fun times! :) 

The week continued with me getting really sick, which is never fun now that there's a baby around.  It would have been fine though if I could have recovered at home, but we had to go to Bangkok for a conference.  Thankfully my mom and Matt's mom were able to come with us to take care of C during the day while Matt and I were busy learning new things.  It wasn't a bad trip, but definitely wasn't the best as after a couple of days in BKK, C got what I had and became really sick and had a major high fever.  It is so not fun when your baby gets sick, but it seems to be even worse when you aren't in the comforts of your own home.

March 25 - March 31

Playing with rocks! YEAH!

With Daddy and Grandma Jacquie!

Making friends.  The parents of these kids kept wanting to take photos with C.

Having fun with the tissues.  I swear I only turned around for a moment!

In a Songtaew and heading to the Airport with C's Apo and Grandma.

Enjoying BKK!

Heading home.  YAY!

...All About C...
C hasn't been eating that well this week.  I don't know if it's because he's been sick, but it is so weird to see his appetite change so much.  He's still nursing lots, so I'm not too worried about his food intake.  However, I'm sure hoping things will pick back up soon as I definitely prefer C eating more and nursing less! HA! 

While we were in BKK, C picked up some new habits.  Since we were out of routine, C was able to stay up a lot later causing him to sleep in longer.  This was quite nice as this meant that we all were able to enjoy some extra sleep and boy do I love sleeping!

An odd thing that's happened this week is that C has begun to seriously HATE having his diaper changed.  He screams and cries and refuses to stay still.  It has made changing his diaper a real chore and not such an easy task anymore.  We can't figure out why this has happened or what's caused him to be so uncomfortable with getting his diaper changed.  Is there a diaper hating phase that I just don't know about? I hope so as it's going to be really miserable if C hates having diaper changed from here on out.  Or we are going to have to start potty training him way earlier than I anticipated!

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  1. Yes, the tenderness of smiling children think is the most beautiful and innocent of our life!

  2. My little one year old boy is also having a diaper change hating phase! It's a real challenge, he screams and cries and tries to roll away - it can be so frustrating. It's been a couple weeks and it's gotten a *little* better. My only advice would be to hand him something different and harmless at each change (think of silicone brushes from your kitchen drawer, mine likes car keys, etc.) just a desperate attempt to keep him distracted. Here's hoping this phase ends soon for the both of us :):)


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