Monday, April 14, 2014

c's 67th week

We are on our Spring Break and are loving every minute of it! The only bad thing is that C's grandma Jacquie finally left us and is heading back home to Canada.  We have so enjoyed having her around and will miss her greatly.  C bonded with her and loved playing with his grandma.  Thankfully we'll be back in Canada this summer and we'll get to be reunited again! YEAH!

This week has been a low key week with lots of family time.  We've not done a whole lot and have tried to just decompress from the stress of school and building our house.  It's been nice to spend time as just our little family of three as it is easy to get overloaded with all of our obligations and forget to make time for just us.  Matt and I even made it to a movie this week and had time to go to the mall by ourselves.  Who would have thought that this would be such an achievement for us?!?

The highlight of the week for sure has been celebrating Songkran, which is a fabulous festival in Thailand.  My mom, C, and I got up really early on the 13th and went to a cool food market that we went to last year to start off the festivities.  I'm pretty sure this is going to be a new tradition as I do really enjoy it.  We bought tons of delicious food and enjoyed being out and about.  We missed the monks, but did catch a glimpse of some of the ladies running for Miss Songkran.  On this day, we ate a real Thai breakfast of sticky rice, friend chicken/pork, spicy sausage, and a couple of different different spicy dips/sauces.  YUM!

Matt and I also headed out to play Songkran with our friends.  It was so much fun hanging with friends and celebrating Songkran together.  This is for sure a tradition now as we've done this two years in a row.  We played on the streets and had tons of fun splashing people.

If that wasn't enough, this year we ended up meeting up with my extended family and playing from the back of a truck! That's right.  We sat in the back with large buckets filled with water and blocks of ice.  We had a ton of fun getting people with our cold, cold water.  Don't worry, C joined in the festivities too...from inside the truck! He hung out in the truck with my mom and his other grandmothers while my uncle, cousins, Matt, and I played out back.  He loved it and had a great time watching everything.  Since there was so much traffic, C ended up eating non-stop while on the drive.  He also tried a happy meal for the first time from McDonald's as it was the easiest thing for him to eat.  Definitely not a proud mommy moment, but it's not the end of the world, right?

April 8 - April 14

Ready to go swimming!

Fun in the pool!

All ready for Songkran! Strolling along with Apo.

With papa and mama (yes, we are embracing the Chinese names!) :)

My cutie pie!

Making friends!

...All About C...
So C has been off on his naps this past week.  It's sad, but it seems as though he's beginning to go to only one nap a day.  It's not consistent though, so we do try to get him down for two naps.  Sometimes it works and other times not so much.  On the positive side, on the days he only has one nap, C does tend to go to bed a bit earlier than usual.  That's right, gotta find the silver lining in all of this.  HA!

We also took C swimming again this week and used a super cool new inner tube that we got from the US.  He wasn't a huge fan of the pool, but at least he didn't hate it.  Hopefully as we get into the pool more, C will start enjoying it as much as he does his baths.

HERE are more pictures from this years Songkran festivities!

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  1. Looks like so much fun! I have heard of this festival and it always seems like such a fun tradition! It gives everyone a chance to interact with people they may not know in the community. The US needs some holidays where we go out and interact with the community! Well, maybe Halloween counts? Anyways, looks like you all had a blast! (Little guy is growing like crazy and is sooo cute!)


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