Monday, January 6, 2014

c's 53rd week

Since C has now made it to his first birthday, I've decided to cut myself some slack and take it down a notch with all of his updates.  PHEW! Let me just tell you what a relief it is to make these changes as it was getting tough taking all of the daily shots of C.  My goal this year is to continue to take photos of C regularly and to hopefully post shorter weekly updates with just some of my favorites from the week.  

I seriously went crazy taking photos of C this past year.  I often took WAY too many photos (of the same thing) as it is digital after all (yes, I'm smacking my head over the digital comment).  Then when it came time to look through all of the photos, I had such a hard time deleting shots and occasionally became overwhelmed with choosing which ones to keep or throw out.  So in C's first year alone, I've got about 7,000 photos! Isn't that ridiculous?!? He's so going to hate going through them all one day.  This year another goal I have is to be more aware of the shots I'm taking, the reasons for the shots, variety in my shots, and to become more diligent at throwing out the bad ones.  It will be hard, but hopefully I won't have another 7,000 photos come next January 1st.  

January 1 - 6

Birthday shots with Grandma! When we took her to the airport, he totally started crying when she said goodbye.  It was pretty adorable as the timing was perfect, but also super sad.

C, Daddy, and Grandma!

...All About C...
Oh my baby is all grown up people! I still can't believe that I have a ONE YEAR OLD! He is such a ham and is so much fun to be around.  He is super active and is constantly on the go.  He continues to babble more and more and is very expressive.  He will nod, shake his head, point, and even stomp his feet to get his feelings across.  

Since turning one, C has now officially tried sweets (birthday cupcake) and wasn't a huge fan.  Instead, he absolutely loves string cheese and yellow bell peppers.  C doesn't ever stop to lay down for a rest, but he has begun to rest his head on different surfaces for just a few moments.  It's pretty sweet to see.  C continues to love his bath and this week tried to dunk his head in the water.  He wasn't so thrilled when he swallowed some though, so hopefully he won't try that one again.  C also is a super messy kisser and will come at me with his mouth wide open! It's pretty sweet and maybe just a little bit gross.  HA! I love my baby boy!

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  1. C is too cute not to take a million shots.I know all about the digital overload. I can't help myself either.

  2. C is adorable. Lovely family shots. Keep taking those images!

  3. Considering how many photos I take of inadament objects - I do not judge. I also remember looking back at a home video of our first child when she was an infant - watching, watching - sure she must have done something other than lay there like a slug - waiting, waiting... and she just laid there. But at the time - it was the world to me (and truth be told - still is). Trust me - you are in your right to take endless pictures of your wonderful bundle of joy - even laugh about how monotonous they are down the road - in the end, they are priceless.

  4. You will never regret having all of those images.

  5. Beautiful family portraits


  6. Ah the first year of the first child, they get all the pictures and all the update and everything carefully recorded. Then comes the others and you find that keeping up with that and your two or three kids becomes so hard! I'm not a bit surprised you took so many photos! You are very proud of your little guy and if you happen to take 7,000 pictures next year, so be it! :0)


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