Wednesday, January 16, 2013

c's 2nd week

Our son is 2 weeks old! How is that even possible?? Time is definitely moving along quickly these days and are beginning to meld together as days filled with feeding, sleeping, visiting, cuddling, and changing diapers.  I know, where is the cooking, cleaning, and washing? Well, we are blessed enough to be living next door to my parents and we are getting lots and lots of help.  My mom has food prepared for us daily and helps out with C, the helper does all of the laundry and cleaning, and I just have to focus on getting healthy and taking care of C with Matt.  Life is great!

So people weren't kidding when they told us to enjoy every moment as every day brings about something new and different.  C has already changed a lot over the past week and I'm so thankful that we've both been home to enjoy all of his development.  He's moving a lot more and smiling more often.  He is getting bigger and filling out more as his weight has already increased by about half a kilo.  His hair is getting longer as are his finger and toe nails, which I'm petrified of cutting.  He makes funny little noises and grunts when he sleeps, gets the hiccups often, and loves sucking on his hands/gloves.  He only fusses when he is pooping, has gas, or is hungry.  He is seriously a wonderful baby!

Day 8 (1/8)
No more pictures mamma!
I'd also like to clarify that he has not been to the salon even though his hair looks amazing!

Day 9
Cuddle time with daddy!

Day 10
Check out that profile...adorable! 

Day 11
A visit with Grandpa Richard!

Day 12
Peacefully sleeping...

Day 13
Close ups with mommy and daddy! Who do you think he looks like?!? :)  

Day 14
Hanging with Uncle Bert who arrived on the 9th just to meet C!

Here are our weekly photos and this time we are adding daddy to the mix! 
The photos will always be taken on Sunday as it is way easier to remember then.

...Things to Remember...
- C's circumcision healed really quickly.  I cried the first day when we changed his gauze as there was a bit of blood, but luckily Matt held it together and got it all cleaned up.  
- C has peed on himself twice this week as we didn't change his diaper fast enough.  Luckily it didn't land on either of us.
- C has pooped on his daddy three times now! :) 
- C loves his bath time with Apo and doesn't cry at all.  He does come out of it shivering a bit, but then ends up sleeping really well afterwards.
- My recovery is going well and I still feel good.  That said, I've been way more tired this week as I think the adrenaline has finally stopped kicking in.  It has been hard getting up for the early morning feeds and Matt has had to wake me up a couple of times.  I haven't done a good job of napping when C does, so I'm going to have to work on that in order to get more energy.


  1. I want to hear his birth story!! Will you be posting that any time soon? =)

  2. Oh, how beautiful is your world right now! Thanks for sharing your very handsome son and delightful family with us.


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