Wednesday, January 23, 2013

c's 3rd week

C is 3 weeks old now and seems to be moving out of his quiet and sleepy newborn stage to a more active and alert infant stage.  He is getting stronger every day and lifts his head up a lot when laying on our shoulders.  He is also becoming more vocal and makes tons of noises, especially in his sleep.  He is eating a lot and definitely getting some chub on his bones and now sports a double chin.

I love that he is growing and changing so much, but at the same time, it is sad to see how quickly things are progressing.  A part of me is ready for him to be more active and aware of his surroundings, but I know for this to be, he will have to get bigger and older and I'm not sure I'm ready for C to no longer be called a "newborn."  This just makes me realize how much we need to really live in the moment and enjoy all of our time with C without looking forward or backwards too much.  It is all about embracing where he is at now and taking advantage of what he can and can't do in these current moments.

This week was a busy week for us filled with outings and visitors.   Our outings this week consisted of going to the hospital for a follow up appointment, running a couple of errands in town, and going out to lunch.  We also had lots of visitors over at the house.  A couple of friends from work came by and lots of relatives came over to meet C.  My parents also had a dedication dinner for C and our family of three at their house (I'll post about this more later).  It was a fantastic evening filled with laughter, love, food, and fun!

Day 15 (1/15)
Hanging out with daddy and getting his hair washed.

Day 16
Photo-shoot with Uncle Bert and Grandpa Robert!

Day 17
Looking adorable on the changing mat that he loves to lay on.

Day 18
Still wearing mitts and booties to protect himself against his growing nails.

Day 19 (1/19)
Hanging with his Apo (which is how you say Grandma in Chinese) & Uncle Bert.  
C's umbilical cord finally fell off and no...we didn't keep it!

Day 20
Bath time with Apo, which he usually loves.  
In fact, one day this week he slept through almost the entire bath as we couldn't get him to wake up.
Silly boy!

Day 21
We've been told that he needs to be more covered up, so we thought we'd give it a go.
Do you think his pants are too high?!? :) 

Getting bigger!

...Things to Remember...
- C peed on my hand this week.  I swore I wasn't going to get peed on, but it happened!
- C has been sleeping well at night.  He often sleeps for about 3 hours in the night before waking up and needing to nurse.  I'm so thankful!
- This week we have been dealing with some crusty eye issues.  C apparently has blocked tear ducts which creates nasty yellow eye junk that isn't pretty to look at.  It doesn't bother him except for when we clean it thankfully.  His eyes are getting better, but it is sad to see him this way.
- I am doing really well these days mostly due to all the help I get from Matt and my mom.  Things are slowly beginning to become routine now...kind of.  Also my body is adapting to the nighttime feedings and to the interrupted sleeping schedule that I have, which is great as I'm not as tired as I thought I'd be.  :) 


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    1. You are funny...I will have to do a post on that soon. :)

  2. I love these updates as they keep me going Christopher is getting so big and alert I truly can not wait to hold you all in my very own arms. It is so hard being so far away.....thank you MOM

  3. Saw the through Che and Fidel- precious pictures!


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