Sunday, November 4, 2012

week 30

Week 30 is done! is crazy to think about the fact that baby boy is supposed to make his entrance into this world in less than 10 weeks.  Yikes! I'm both ready for this to happen while simultaneously being petrified about it all.  I'm totally looking forward to meeting our little guy and can't wait for him to be here so that we can love on him in person.  That said, it is also scary to think about him being out and figuring out how to take care of him.  Luckily we've still got some time so we can get some sort of game plan sorted (ha!).

As this pregnancy moves farther along, I'm trying to enjoy every moment.  This is usually pretty easy to do as I'm not having an overly difficult pregnancy.  That said, the big news this week is that I have shingles.  Shingles aren't common in pregnant women, so lucky me! Basically it is a virus that remains dormant in people who have had the chicken pocks.  Due to a weakened immune system, the virus starts up again as shingles.  I've basically got a small rash that runs along my bra line (it looks like a track) and only covers the right side of my body.  The rash is made up of a couple of big splotches and a bunch of little red solitary dots.  They itch and occasionally are painful and always are uncomfortable.  Luckily we caught it early (just 2 days in) and I'm already on medication that I have to take every 4 hours 5 times a day, so hopefully it will not spread any more.  Don't worry, the meds are safe as the doctor googled it! :) 

So that this isn't just a downer of a week for you all, a positive moment was when we finally found a wood builder to make our changing table/dresser.  He is also going to repaint the crib a friend of ours is lending us.  It's supposed to take him about 2 weeks to get it all done.  Wohoo! We are super excited about this as then we can start purchasing more things to get baby's space ready.  Another great moment for me was hanging out with Matt and listening to music and enjoying baby's energetic movements that lasted for about a thirty minute period.  Baby was super active and it was really nice to share this with Matt as baby's movements is totally one of the things I love about being pregnant.

A weekly update shot and a normal picture of me wearing one of my new H&M maternity tops.

** Some Highlights **
Symptoms: This week I've been feeling tired again, which I'm blaming on work.  Pregnant women just shouldn't go to work I think.  :) Also I've been more emotional this week and really weepy.  Of course there's the shingles and also some nausea.
Total Weight Gain: About 8.5 kgs, although I'll find out for sure when I go visit the doctor this week.
Cravings: Ritz crackers are my friends again as I'm eating them regularly to throw off the nausea.  I'm still eating a bit less as I think there is less room for food in my body due to baby growing and taking up space.
Maternity Clothes: I'm still doing a mix of maternity and regular clothes this week.  I'm also still wearing my regular jeans with the rubber band trick and people are always telling me to not wear them anymore, but I'm not giving up on them yet!
Wedding Ring: On, but it is still occasionally difficult to take off at the end of the day.
Sleep: It's been a great week with sleep and I'm hoping it will just continue!
Belly Button: It is an outie!
Other: So really the big thing this week are these shingles I've got.  When we found out from the hospital, we went to get a second opinion on it at our doctor's clinic.  While there, a nurse made me feel really terrible about myself.  She made me put a mask on and sit in a far corner away from the other patients.  After waiting an hour, she raised her voice at me in front of other patients and made me wait for a doctor to see me in a room that wasn't being used instead of just going into the doctor's room.  Then she wanted me to lift my shirt and show the doctor my rash without closing the door to the room for all to see, which I did NOT do until the door was closed.  I was in tears for a while after it all as it just left me feeling as though I've got the plague.  Not a good moment, that's for sure.
Fun story: A parent of a grade 1 student that isn't in my class stopped me after school to tell me to massage my nipples in order to help get my body ready for breastfeeding.  Awkward much?!?


  1. What a doctor story! I can't believe they treated you like that! You should have asked for them to close the door. That is embarrassing. So sorry that happened to you! From one pregnant momma to another . . . that makes me SO MAD! =) Glad it is over with though. I've got a weird growth on my finger that happens mostly during pregnancy that is painful and I'll have to get removed. Hopefully that will be this week so I can have that out of the way with! You look great by the way! I have a special present for you too! We need to do dinner again soon!

    1. Oh don't worry Angela, I totally asked for the door to be closed before lifting up my top. Thanks for feeling my pain! :) Dinner soon sounds wonderful and I hope your growth gets removed easily and painlessly!

  2. Hi Melody,,,Dave and I are hoping you are on the mend and glad to hear the meds are ok with the new baby..Dave and I love to watch my belly move with the baby kicking..At the end , i was like a big wave in my belly. I loved being pregnant and the boys did like it in there too, they both were 3 weeks overdue..Take care, the whitmans

    1. Hi Sandra & Dave! Thanks so much for the note. I'm doing much better with the shingles. I too love feeling our baby moving inside my belly. He is quite the active little bugger! Hopefully our little guy doesn't wait quite so long before making an appearance though! Miss you both!


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