Sunday, November 11, 2012

week 31

Week 31 has been a rough week, so I'm really happy it is over.  I actually took a sick day this week as I just couldn't handle it any more.  I just needed a day to myself and wanted nothing more than to get some extra sleep and rest.  I didn't do the one hundred and one things that needed to get done for work, or for the baby, or for our house on my day at home.  Instead, I slept a lot and watched TV and didn't feel guilty about it.  It was great and totally something I could get used to.  In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I'd like to mention the possibility of changing the work week to being four days instead of a five day work week.  Any takers?!? :) 

Here are two pictures for you this week!

** Some Highlights **
Symptoms: This week I've definitely been way more tired than usual.  I've also been more nauseous which could have been due to the medication for the shingles.  There were also a few times when my baby bump felt rather hard this week and was slightly uncomfortable.
Total Weight Gain: About 11 kgs...YIKES! I'd like to point out that I don't check my weight until I go in to see my doctor, so no, I did not gain it all in one week! Apparently I'm only supposed to gain about half a kilo a week and I might be half a kilo over....whatever! :) 
Cravings: I'm really not craving a whole lot, which is nice as I'm supposed to cut out some sweets so that I don't gain too much weight (coming from the doctor).
Maternity Clothes: I'm holding out and still doing a mix of maternity and regular clothes still! YAY!
Wedding Ring: On.
Sleep: It's been okay this week.  I'm had to wake up once in the night for a toilet run a couple of times, but have been able to fall back asleep thankfully.
Belly Button: It is an outie.
Other: The shingles are much better and are almost gone, which is fantastic! Thank you for all of your thoughts and kinds words! We are hoping that they won't come back again and that this will be the only time I have to deal with shingles.  Also baby is moving a lot these days and seems to be trying to claw his way out of the left side of my belly while simultaneously trying to kick a hole through the right side of my belly.  Fun times! 
Fun story: A younger sibling of one of my students is obsessed (the mom's word choice) with me.  The other day, he brought a digital camera to school and snapped a ton of pictures of me.  I totally know what it feels like to be followed by the paparazzi now.  Ha! It was really quite cute having him follow me around.  Also let's be real, I'm just glad I still got it going on...pregnant and all (minor detail that he's only about 3 right?!?)! :) 

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