Thursday, January 26, 2012

cny in hk

Flowers are a huge deal during Chinese New Year.  I never realized to what extent until I saw the mad rush to buy plants and flowers during the weeks leading up to it.  People were out buying everything from simple bouquets to ornately decorated potted plants to actual trees.  Here are some of the things I saw while walking along the flower market (the one below our apartment) in Mongkok.

Potted plants

Orange trees

Cherry blossom trees

These are really popular during this time of year as red is an auspicious color.  
I call them the Scarlet Letter Berries.

Dyed in every color imaginable.

Some festive ornaments.

Over Chinese New Year, there were also a few fairs held at different public parks.  I went to one near our apartment one evening and there was a lot to see.  There was of course a section dedicated to flowers and plants that had people busy buying up.  There were also a few food vendors selling different types of sweets and desserts.  There were people selling balloons, toys, and all sorts of noise makers.  The funniest though were the hand warmers in all sorts of different shapes and sizes...very creative!  Here's a small glimpse of what I saw as it was cold and rainy that evening.

Love the colors...I took a few pics of these.


You can build your own face mask!

Hand, head, and ___ warmers!

Time to take the pet frogs on a walk around the park.

Look at those can any child resist these?!?
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  1. Oh my goodness. What gorgeous colors. I love these pictures. I hope your Chinese New Year was a happy one : ) Thank you SO very much for linkng up with us at Communal Global. We are grateful for your participation! See you soon. Love, Becky

    1. Hi Becky! Thanks for visiting back! :) I'm excited to join the Communal Global group and look forward to linking up weekly. Looking forward to seeing more of you!


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