Monday, September 2, 2013

c's 35 week

I can't believe we are already at the end of another month and that C is now 8 months old! The only good thing about time going by so quickly these days is that it means we are one month closer to summer.  Just kidding...I'm totally not thinking about summer...yet.

This has been quite the long week for us as we've been dealing with sickness, lack of sleep, and the  busyness of life.  I had to take my first sick day this week as I caught a terrible cold that took the last remaining energy right out of me.  After sleeping my sick day away, I was able to get moderately caught up on sleep and have slowly been getting better.  The only problem is that C has now caught whatever it is I have and has a terrible chesty cough and a super runny nose.  It's gotten so bad that Matt took out this nasal suction gadget we have in which one side goes into Matt's mouth and the other into C's nose.  Then picture Matt sucking out the snot.  It is awesomely gross! C hates it, but the job gets done, and one day he'll thank his daddy for it.

This week C has started making a clicking sound with his tongue that I'm pretty sure his Apo taught him how to do.  It is really cute as he looks so proud of himself when he does it.  We've been using his walker a lot lately and C's been running around outside with it.  He loves chasing after things and I think using his walker is going to make him get up and walk on his own sooner than later.  Now we just need to get him some proper shoes that fit! His sweet blood is at it again and C got bitten all over his legs again this week.  We bought some baby repellant and have used it when going out, but we may have to start putting it on him every morning as the welts from the bites are really nasty.  With whatever it is C is going through developmentally, he is still not sleeping very well and waking up A LOT during the night, sometimes over 4 times in the night.  His appetite for his solids has also taken a dip down this week, but don't worry as he is definitely not going hungry with as often as he nurses!

Over the weekend, we Matt & Apo made a big batch of food for C that will hopefully last him about two weeks.  He seriously eats better than we do as it is all natural and super healthy.  This week they cooked up a bunch of different veggies for C.  He is eating a cauliflower & corn combo, a zucchini & sweet potato combo, and a peas & broccoli combo.  Besides from those, he also has pumpkin, carrots, rice, bananas, apples, and blueberries.  We still are pureeing all of the foods, but I'm thinking about starting to make things chunkier and maybe even giving him some finger foods.  Something else I'm contemplating is when to start giving him protein as all he is getting is some meat stock that some of the veg is boiled in.  We'll see when I make the official decision to change things up as it takes energy and patience to start something new again and I don't think I'm ready for it just yet.

So the last little tidbit so share about C is that eating foods that are orange/yellow in color really can affect your skin color.  We've noticed that C is particularly yellow around his nose and google has informed us that the food is making his skin change color! The best way to combat it is by getting in the sun more.  Who knew?!?

Day 239 (8/27)
Can I just tell you how much I LOVE C...because I really, really do!

Day 240
Exploring the cement driveway and loving it!

Day 241
Doesn't he look TIRED?!? Welcome to our nights!

Day 242
Check out those long lashes and baby blues.  Watch our ladies!

Day 243
What's up?? Hanging out in his super cool ride....

Day 244 (9/1)
Look at this happy baby! Happy 8 months!

Day 245
Enjoying some diaper time and walking along the edge of the sofa.

Do you see the resemblance yet?? I don't.

...Things to Remember...
- C continues to talk lots and lots these days.  He's making all sorts of sounds including one that sounds just like 'mama' only his goes on for a long time, so I don't think I can claim it for me yet.
- C is also into his 9 month clothes now!
- On a personal note, can I just mention how much I want to eat sweets!? Goodness gracious! I have a serious addiction and do not have the willpower to stop.  One of these days it is so going to show up in all of the wrong places, so I need some motivation to get healthy again.  Anyone??
- Also last week I talked about pumping and how much work it is.  As if it wasn't hard enough, my pump has been off for the last week and hasn't been working properly at all.  This makes my pumping sessions last almost double the time! If that weren't bad enough, I now also have to hand express for most of it.  If I weren't so determined to get to the one year mark with breastfeeding, I'm pretty sure now would have been a good time to stop.  As it is, I'm making the best of it and hopefully going to contact Medela soon and see if they can help me figure out what is wrong with my pump.  Wish me luck!

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  1. omg, what a cutie pie! what a happy little baby!!
    you adorable photos made my heart melt.
    you're a wonderful mum. love this post; thanks for sharing:)

  2. I love that C is getting all those homemade purée. I enjoyed making my own baby food immensely. My first born had the beta-carotene nose as well. I had no idea, until my Ped told me to cut back on the orange foods. She pretty much was eating carrots, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin every day. She only had it a couple months and it cleared up as we varied her diet. I thought it was kind of cute, though. Hope you both get over the cold soon!

  3. Such a charming son you have - great photos that makes me smile! He's developing so fast now, already saying 'mom'! Enjoy. The days with him, I hope you get well soon,

  4. Wonderful pictures!! Happy Sunday

  5. Awww, he is too cute.

  6. What a gorgeous smile! So adorable!
    visiting from simple things sunday


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