Wednesday, February 13, 2013

c's 6th week

This has been quite the week for our little family of three.  The week started off with a trip to the hospital for C's monthly check up.  He has grown a lot this month! C has gained about 1.5 kilos, which isn't a surprise as he eats a lot.  He has also grown taller adding 6 cm more to his height.  Then he got another shot and was a trooper and barely cried.  Later in the day, we took some passport photos and headed over to the American Consulate to get C's paperwork sent in, which makes C an American just like his mama! :) We've got 2 citizenships down and just one more to go.  By the end of the year, he should have three passports!

C christened his Apo and Daddy this week.  For his Apo, C had a massive spit up that drenched her shirt.  It was terrible to see and made me so concerned.  Once the milk was out though, he was much better...and hungry again! For his Daddy, C had an explosive poop that leaked out of his diaper and got on Matt's shirt, shorts, and even his shoes! If an explosive poop isn't bad enough, imagine it happening at the travel agency.  Matt was a trooper and handled it in a very calm manner.

If all that wasn't enough, the biggest thing that happened this week was that we headed to Canada for an unplanned trip due to a family emergency.  We found out on Wednesday that we needed to be back in Bridgewater (where Matt is from) and by Friday, we were on a plane.  Our trip deserves a blog post on it's own, so be on the lookout for it.  What you need to know now is that C was amazing throughout our many flights and we couldn't have asked for a better experience flying with an infant.  Also our trip ended up lasting a total of 80 HOURS from when we left Chiang Mai to when we finally arrived in Bridgewater! Crazy, right?? This is why this trip deserves a post all on its own!

Day 36 (2/5)
We dressed C up for his passport photo!

Day 37
Napping at Apo's house.

Day 38
We ran a lot of errands today to get ready for our unplanned trip to Canada.  We didn't change C's diaper often enough I guess as he had his first explosive poop that leaked out of his outfit and onto daddy while at the travel agency.  Of course it was on the day I forgot to pack a spare outfit in the diaper bag.  Oops!

Day 39 (2/8)
C got his first red envelope for Chinese New Year today! Happy Chinese New Year!
We also headed to the airport to begin our journey to Canada.

Day 40
C was a fantastic flyer! 
We landed in Toronto in the middle of a massive snow storm that left us stranded.

Day 41
Hanging out at the hotel and staying warm!

Day 42 (2/11)
We were able to meet up with Matt's brother and his family at the Toronto airport! They were heading back to Toronto and we were heading out and our gates were right next to each other.  Even though we only had about 10 minutes together, it was nice to see them all in person.

There's snow in the background! BRRR!

...Things to Remember...
- C is an international traveller and has now been on 4 flights! The first was from Chiang Mai to Seoul, which took about 5 hours.  The second was from Seoul to Toronto, which took about 13 hours.  The third was from Toronto to Halifax and back to Toronto (we got turned around due to the weather), which was about 5 hours.  The last was from Toronto to Halifax, which took about 2.5 hours.  He is an awesome flyer!!
- C met lots of his Canadian family in person for the first time this week.  He met his uncle, aunt, and cousins.  Hopefully next time he'll be awake! :) 

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  1. So glad you made it there safely. Have a great time.

  2. love the pictures and it was so nice to you all three of you...i forgot how nice it is to hold a sweet baby.....aunt sandra and uncle dave...

    1. We are so happy we got to spend time with you both! xoxo

  3. Oh my goodness. I love seeing him grow. What a precious baby! He looks like he travelled perfectly!

    1. Thanks so much! It is fun documenting him daily and seeing how he changes over time. I have to say he seriously was an awesome traveller! :)

  4. Wow that's crazy you had to drop everything and fly so far and so long! I'm glad you made it all right, and I hope everything's okay and the emergency resolves itself to a happy ending quickly.


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