Wednesday, December 19, 2012

week 36

Week 36 is done! Where is the time going!? I know that I ask this a lot, but time seriously feels as though it is flying by.  We have been so busy this past week and will continue to be busy for the next couple of weeks.  This pregnant momma could totally use with some down time sometime soon though.  A day with nothing to do except to put my feet up and watch a good movie or read a good book sounds perfect right about now.

As far as baby prep is concerned, we are moving right along.  We have washed all of baby's things and have found a space for most everything in our dresser.  We bought a "gently used" playpen that is in awesome condition and have had it cleaned and it is set up and ready to be used.  I have finally packed my hospital bag with my things and some items for baby should he decide to arrive earlier than we've anticipated.  We also got our last few things ordered from the US and now just have to wait for everything to get out here for us to use.  We have a few things left to get done, but then we should be good to go! Can't wait! :) 

What a bump!

** Some Highlights **
Symptoms: Something new this week is that I finally felt baby hiccup! People had mentioned it before, but I had no idea what to expect, but now I know.  :) Basically it feels like like a heart beat though much slower.  Also my hips feel a bit off this week.  They are just a tad uncomfortable and have bothered me a bit when I'm laying down.  I'm also feeling as though I'm beginning to waddle more and more! Nooo!
Total Weight Gain: About 12 kgs+....we'll find out at the next doctor's next week.
Cravings: I've been hungry for western food and for fresh salad.  I've also had a sweet tooth this week and have eaten my fair share of chocolate, cookies, and desserts of any kind! I've heard that it gets harder to eat as the pregnancy continues, and I'm NOT having that problem.  I am still eating bigs meals and eating pretty frequently, which could be good or bad depending on how much weight I'm gaining versus how big baby is becoming!
Maternity Clothes: Still doing a mix! My goal is now to try to go the whole way with my jeans! :)   
Wedding Ring: Both my wedding band and engagement ring are still on.
Sleep: Sleep was good this week.  I'm still only getting up about once a night (if that) and have been able to fall back to sleep pretty easily.  That said, I've been staying super busy these days, so I'm seriously exhausted by the end of the evening.
Belly Button: Outie.
Other: Let's talk about my sitting down for a bit.  I can still crouch down (thai style) pretty comfortably, though my legs are spread out a bit more due to my belly getting in the way and am able to get back up easily enough.  However, get me sitting on the floor and it has definitely become a process for me to get back on my feet.  I may currently have to huff and puff and do a bit of a rock before I can get myself up.  It is a pretty funny site to see!
Fun story: So this isn't too funny, but I did have to break the news to my students this week that I'm not going to be coming back to teach them for the remainder of the year.  It was pretty hard and some of them took it far worse then I imagined.  I had one student cry/sob for about 20 minutes and apparently continued in this manner on her drive home from school.  I had another student question why I would have to be in the hospital for so long when she had friends who were in for just a few days after having a baby.  Then the best was a little boy who said "doesn't your baby have a grandma and can't she take care of him" and that it "just wasn't fair!" It was really sweet to see how much they'll miss me, but it was quite heartbreaking and being pregnant, they totally got me crying too.   

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