Monday, December 3, 2012

week 34

Week 34 is finished, which means we are beginning to seriously countdown to the big day.  After all, we potentially have only FIVE weeks left till we get to meet our baby boy.  This is just CRAZY!  We've been waiting so long for him to come that it is totally unreal to contemplate that we will be meeting him so soon.

With time moving along rather quickly now, I've been making lists and we've been trying to get things taken care of.  This past weekend we brought baby's dresser/change table into our space.  It is a great piece of furniture and has tons of space.  The few clothing items we've got are in the wash and once we figure out what exactly we have, we'll be able to know what else we need to get.  I can't wait to start filling up the drawers with things for baby!

I'll let you know what we fill all the drawers with...hopefully it'll be big enough! :) 

I found these images on Etsy and Matt was able to make them on photoshop.  He is the BEST! The different images are all done in colors that tie into the material we are using for things we are getting made for baby.  Don't worry, I'll make sure to share the items we get made as soon as we get them back from the seamstress.  

Here's something not related to baby....guess whose husband is in a cast and needs to use crutches?? Yup, that would be mine.  Poor guy is in one for two weeks and he is not too pleased about it.  He was playing basketball and landed on his foot wrong and here we are.  Thankfully it is now when we are still five weeks away from delivery! 

Baby bump is getting bigger and bigger! 

** Some Highlights **
Symptoms: I've been super tired this week and have been woken up by a couple of leg craps in the night.  They are not fun, but thankfully Matt wakes up and helps me massage them better.  I also have been getting a slight heat rash during the day on my belly, which means more air-conditioner for me!
Total Weight Gain: About 12 kgs...I only gained 1kg in three weeks...WOHOO!
Cravings: Anything sweet, although I'm trying my hardest not to indulge in too much. 
Maternity Clothes: Still doing a mix...kind of.  
Wedding Ring: On.
Sleep: I slept for 14 hours one I am getting some sleep.  That said, I have woken up during the night a couple of times and sometimes fell back to sleep easily and other times couldn't sleep anymore.  I feel as I need the sleep, but my mind is keeping me up.
Belly Button: Outie.
Other: We might have a name picked out for baby boy, but you are all just going to have to wait until he arrives to hear it! 
Fun story: I get mixed messages from people all the time about how I look these days.  This week, I got a couple of lovely comments about how I was looking and that my baby bump was nice and not too large and that I was glowing.  Then I got a couple of comments on how I looked about ready to pop any day now and that they were shocked I still had 6 weeks to go! UGH!

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