Thursday, May 10, 2012

sonya's visit

It has been busy, busy, BUSY over here and things are finally slowing down.  Yay! It is now just the two of us in our space and we are totally enjoying being home alone (don't tell my mom!).  We can be bums on the sofa, stay in and be homebodies, and catch up on all our favorite shows! :)

One of the highlights last week though was seeing my friend Sonya for the first time in person in about eight years! Sonya and I met at University (go Biola!) and I have some wonderful memories from that time of my life.  She got me my first job ever at Starbucks, introduced me to shopping at Nordstroms, and of course there are all the dance parties, basketball games, and trips we shared.

Our first picture together at the restaurant where we sat for hours catching up!

It was so crazy to see her here in MY side of the world.  It was quite surreal actually.  I'd always hoped friends would come for a visit, but I think a part of me never believed it would actually happen as it is expensive and life happens.  This visit just made me feel so loved and special as she made a huge effort to get a layover in Hong Kong just to see ME!

In the taxi trying to see some of Hong Kong at 11pm!

We only had a a few hours together, but we made them count with lots of catching up and seeing some of the sites around town in a taxi.  It was SUPER and I'm so thankful for the visit Sonya! 

We saw the waterfront and even took the ferry before it closed for the night!


  1. so fun!
    a lil' blast from the past =).
    I tell ya- if EVER I am making my way through Thailand (cuz you're moving there soon, right?) I will for SURE look you up even if it's just for a layover time!

    I have no idea when/how/why that would happen, but it's a part of my dreams so maybe someday =)

    1. It was super! We are moving back in July and hoping to start building a house shortly after, so once that is done, at least you will have a place to stay! :) It is on your bucket list, so hopefully it will happen someday and I'll be waiting with open arms! XOXO

  2. That´s great for both of you - fun times! :-)

  3. So great to have a visitor...I had one for just a day a few weeks ago and it was very exciting! :)

    1. It really was wonderful! It is so nice when people make an effort to see you abroad, right? :)


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