Sunday, June 12, 2011


I have a lot to look forward to these days and I'd like to share them with you.  It is rather exciting when I think about it all! You should be happy too as this means more things for me to blog about! HA!

I only have NINE more school days left with my kiddies.  There are a total of TEN days left of work obligations for this academic school year.  In FIFTEEN more days, we will be back home in Chiang Mai.  Our wedding is TWENTY-SIX days away!! We are heading to Europe in THIRTY days for our honeymoon.  We will visit FIVE countries over FIVE weeks, for a total of THIRTY-FIVE days.  I have EIGHT weeks off this summer before having to start work again in August.


That's right...we have our helmets on and are ready to go!


  1. YOu are a very lucky girl..... and you know what they say is true..."all good things come to those who wait"

  2. Hello green haired girl.
    Hope you had a great nite with the girls. I still have my tattoo....and a bit of a headache....way too much vodka. All the best for the wedding, he is a lucky man.

  3. Hi there green haired girl.
    I to woke this morning to find an tattoo on my arm with a splitting headache!
    I will never forget the fantastic time I had in the ice bar drinking to your future....The toilet brush was an experience I must say! Maybe see you in the ice bar again sometime..


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