Sunday, May 8, 2011

janet jackson

I love music! I enjoy listening to music, singing along (privately) to music, and of course dancing to music.  With this love of music, one would assume that I've made it a point to see people in concert.  Sadly, that is not the case.  I've actually not been to many concerts due to a number of reasons.  The most obvious being that I grew up in Chiang Mai which made it hard to see popular North American artists.  The other reason is that when I lived in California, I was a broke college student, so I had to pick and choose where to spend my money and going to a concert just wasn't as high on the list as going out to eat! :)

Many people would find it sad,  but I can count on one hand how many concerts I've been to and most of them aren't that impressive.  My first concert was when I was in middle school.  My family went to a Kenny Rogers concert in Chiang Mai.  Yup.  The one time a North American artist comes to town and it was Kenny Rogers.  Seriously?!? In high school, I went to a couple of Thai concerts with friends.  They were fun, but only Thais would know who the artists are so I can't even name drop! When I lived in Cali I saw only one concert, a Powerhouse concert in 2004, with my friend Lisa.  I think it did a good job of making up for all the lost opportunities as there were a lot of different artists including the Beastie Boys, Kanye West,  Ludacris, Big Boi from OutKast, and a few others.

My most recent concert experience was this past Valentine's Day.  Matt got us tickets to go and watch Janet Jackson in Hong Kong! I was super excited for the show as I haven't been to many and I do love Janet Jackson.  I remember listening to her albums as a teenager and even watching her Velvet Rope concert video with friends and learning all of her dance moves.  Ahh....what wonderful memories! Anyways, the concert was fun and we had a good time singing along to the songs and standing up and dancing with the crowds.

Great seats!

Happy Valentine's Day!

It was fun people watching!

Janet Jackson Live in HONG KONG!

Working it!

Janet Jackson & Michael Jackson

Again...a short clip for you to enjoy!

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