Tuesday, May 10, 2011

jacquie and david

We had our second set of visitors in March.  Matt's mom and stepdad came by and stayed with us for about a week.  We had a really good time and enjoyed their visit a lot! *hint, hint people*

Matt and I had to work, so unfortunately Jacquie and David had to do a lot of exploring on their own during the day.  In the evenings though, we were able to walk around town and explore together.  We also had the chance to show them some of the places we like to frequent.

One of the highlights had to be our day trip to Macau.  We left Hong Kong fairly early in order to have lots of time to explore Macau.  Once we arrived, we checked out the exteriors of a couple of casinos, went to the historic center of Macau, and ate the best dumplings ever for lunch.  Then we explored some less touristy areas, went inside a couple of casinos, ate dinner at the Venetian, and finally ended our evening at the show House of Dancing Water.

The House of Dancing Water is truly FANTASTIC! The neat thing about this show is that it is water based.  This means that the theater was built around a stage pool that holds 3.7 million gallons of water (about the same size as 5 Olympic-sized swimming pools in depth).  This allows the performers to do all sorts of neat acrobatics into the water.  That said, there is also a floor that comes up that allows the performers to do all dances and cools scenes that include doing awesome tricks with motorbikes.  The story behind the show is essentially a love story which did get confusing at times.  That said though, the performances and acrobatics and all of the special effects were just brilliant!

Thanks for coming for a visit Jacquie and David!

Grand Lisboa and the Ruins of St. Paul's

Neat boat that came up out of the tank/stage.  The performers did all sorts of dives off the different levels.

Pretty stage!

Yes...there were motorbikes involved! They did all sorts of tricks and flips on the stage.  It was super cool!

The top of the picture shows the man that is about to jump into the tank.  INSANE! 

Sadly the only picture with all of us in it.  Matt, Jaquie, David's hand, and me behind the camera! HA!

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