Wednesday, April 6, 2011


We flew into Jaipur from Udaipur.  Again it was a delay, but this time we hung out at the airport for 4 hours! It was pretty dull, but I did manage to get a lot of reading done.  Jaipur is actually also known as the pink city, but sadly it wasn't noticeably pink.  Trust me, I tried to find some pink but it was definitely few and far between.  Some highlights included visiting the totally empty Royal Gaitor, getting my henna done at the base of Ganesh Temple,  exploring the city via an enthusiastic tuk tuk driver, and running around the inside of the Amber Fort.

City Palace

Neat interior...there were four distinct doors that represented the different seasons.

Jantar Mantar, the observatory

Royal Gaitor, which happened to be totally empty! one big splurge on the trip.

A view of the Royal Gaitor from the walk up to the Ganesh Temple that was sadly closed, and by sadly I mean upsetting as it was a LONG walk up.

Jal Mahal, the water palace

All lit up at night

Hawa Mahal

A totally neat palace that was used by the royal ladies to observe daily life without being seen.

Amber Fort, a really fun fort to explore as there were passages that lead all over the place.  I was so confused and lost inside.

Interior of the fort

Our only snake charmer!


Old building during a walk around the city.

I just like this one.

Barber shop on the street, literally.

Normal scenes on the roads in India.

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