Sunday, January 9, 2011

january 2011

Happy New Year! 2011 came barreling in and I’ve only just managed to catch my breath…barely.   We brought in the year on the plane while leaving India and returning to Hong Kong.  Once we arrived in HK, we spent the first day just relaxing and breaking all of our resolutions as we were too exhausted to do anything.  No regrets though as resolutions are made to be broken…right?

This first week has been a very hectic one.  We found out on our first day of work that we have to move apartments by the beginning of February as our landlord sold our apartment.  This was not the kind of news we wanted to start our year with, but we will survive it.  That said this month of January is going to be a rough month.  During this month, I have to move apartments, move my current classroom to a new one, do report cards and have conferences, plan an assembly to showcase my students, work and stay after school for a lot of meetings, start planning our wedding, and try to participate in life.  I am working on breathing (which isn’t so easy as I’ve already caught my first cold this year) and staying positive (which is a lot easier to do with Matt around). 

I leave you with pictures of our first sunrise in 2011 whilst on the plane.  Enjoy!

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