Monday, December 6, 2010

what a week

This has been quite the week in my rather ordinary life.  Most of the excitement focused around food and friends, which I think happens to be a fantastic pair!

Monday started the week off with a belated Thanksgiving feast with a bunch of friends from work.  We had a wonderful meal with lots of fun and laughter.  Tuesday was the only day Matt and I had together and we spent it relaxing at home and eating a yummy curry that I made.  Wednesday was spent getting a foot massage and eating a lot of Thai food with my dear friend Angie.  Thursday was a delicious home cooked roast by Matt, salad by me, dessert by my friend Ashley, and lots of cookie dough to be had by all! We don’t often have company over, so it was nice to entertain for a change.  Friday was a night out on the town with our friends Angie and Morten over in Central.  We went to a tapas bar and had a lot and I mean A LOT of delicious food.  Saturday was the culminating event of the week.  It started off as a simple plan to just spend the day shopping, but ended up being an impromptu trip to Disneyland that started with a brunch and ended in burgers.  Disneyland was loads of fun and it was extra special as it was the Christmas Disney with lots of Christmassy cheer! Thanks to Matt, Angie, Morten, and Ashley for being troopers and for being flexible and allowing this crazy lady to change the plans.

As I didn’t take pictures of most of the week, here are a lot of pictures from Disneyland! Enjoy them!

 Group shot!

It's a small world after all...

Live show...haha!

 The fun to be had by ALL!

 Is it to early to wish everyone a Merry Christmas?!? 

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